Gonzaga Campus

CSU-Gonzaga is one of the eight campuses of Cagayan State University that is known for its agro-forestry commodity due to its rich natural resources. Formerly known as Gonzaga National Agricultural and Technological School, on June 11, 1978 through the efforts of Defense Minister Juan Ponce- Enrile it is then called as Cagayan State University.

From then on, it continuously improved its course offerings where its nine programs are recently accredited by the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP). Thus, its roster of esteemed faculty staff ranged from Master's to Doctorate degree holders proving that quality education is the prime responsibility and commitment of the university to its studentry and stakeholders

It is dedicated in its zeal of commitment of offering quality service in all its programs and student services. Today, the campus continuously seeks excellence in all its four-fold functions of Instruction, Extension, Research, and Production. Another remarkable distinction of Cagayan State University­ Gonzaga Campus is the Mount Tabungao. This mountain cradles all the aspirations of the campus from conception to birth; from birth to manhood; and from manhood to established status.

As Mount Tabungao continuously soar its peak, CSU-G also incessantly harbors and guarantees that learning will always be at its peak proving that education is always for the best, of the best, and by the best.

CSU Gonzaga is taking its leap on being ICT-ready. Classrooms are being installed with LED TVs and LCD projectors. CCTV cameras are also being mounted in some colleges for safety measures. The newly-renovated conference hall is also another vantage point of the campus where meetings and other transactions are conducted.

The library, aside from the learning resources and computers available, is also installed with WIFI.

Enrollment is made easy through the online system called HEEDS (Higher Education Enrollment Decision Support) where students can already enlist their subjects on line. Grades can also be viewed on the system.

CSU-G is one step higher on its aim of making the campus fully a breast of the newest innovations in education


  1. Agsalud, Karenina Tabangay
  2. Alibania, Clyden Charl Baclig
  3. Alicay , Calixto Boguete
  4. Ayuyang , Avelina Marcos
  5. Ayuyang , Dorothy Maramag
  6. Ayuyang , Richard Ramirez
  7. Balatico, Florante Victor Madrid
  8. Balatico, Laurine Alibania
  9. Banadero , Romar Ramirez
  10. Basquez , Zenaida Sambrana
  11. Bermudez, Bert Ocon
  12. Bince, Irish Michelle Arcaina
  13. Bucaneg , Susan Bince
  14. Butay, Jayrome Salvador
  15. Carullo, Alberto Bucaneg
  16. Castillo, Melagrita Urbanozo
  17. Figueras, Jamaica Mae Reyes
  18. Gano, Shiena Marie Rasos
  19. Garma, Wendy Joy Morales
  20. Gaspar, Claribel Acena
  21. Gonzales, Glyzelda Hardy
  22. Gonzales , Florina Paranada
  23. Gonzales, Khayle Baguyo
  24. Gonzales, Verdict Laday
  25. Imatong, Herbert Cachapero
  26. Maramag, Charlot Lagutan
  27. Mercado, Ma. Tehda Manzano
  28. Millan, Glenda Corazon Oliver
  29. Omotoy, Jay Furugganan
  30. Paraiso, Charisma Vivit
  31. Paraiso, Roderick Cabuloy
  32. Pascua, Rodrigo Pedronan
  33. Pattaui, Reynold Balubal
  34. Pinera, Jomel Bose
  35. Querubin, Emilyn Sumer
  36. Quinto, Kristine-Rey Collado
  37. Rapada, Teresita Magno
  38. Rodriguez, Yrmeliza Villegas
  39. Sana, Elvira Masferre
  40. Saribay , Evelyn Talamayan
  41. Seguritan, Louraine Chriscelle Lopez
  42. Sinco, Mae Angelica Acacio
  43. Sistoza, Janice Malaca
  44. Suetos , Elmarie Rufina Acena
  45. Sumer, Lyle Bucaneg
  46. Vivit , Perfecto Ventura


  1. Alibania, Clyden Charl B.
  2. Alibania, Eliseo C. Jr.
  3. Antonio, Charmy Jessamine S.
  4. Bince, Irish Michelle A.
  5. Bosi, Arlene E.
  6. Cortes, Neljoe EA.
  7. Cortez, Leonila O.
  8. Dalmaceda, Arlene Jean T.
  9. De Ocampo Marvin L.
  10. Figueras, Jamiaca Mae R.
  11. Garma, RizzaLou D.
  12. Gaspar, Francis Rey F.
  13. Lagazo, Rose P.
  14. Mahinay, Geraldine T.
  15. Maramag, Charlot L.
  16. Mercado, Ma. Theda M.
  17. Millan, Glenda Corazon
  18. Quinto, Kristine Rey C.
  19. Rodriguez, Yrmeliza V.
  20. Sana, Kristina B.
  21. Sana, Sammy Kaye A.
  22. Seguritan, Louraine Chriscelle L.
  23. Sinco, Mae Angelica A.
  24. Sumibcay, Theresa Marie A.
  25. Sunico, Louie S.
  26. Tumbaga, Niko Cecilio L.
  27. Ventura, Walden S.
Colleges College Dean - Name
College of Teacher Education Dr. Avelina M. Ayuyang
College of Business Entrepreneurship and Accountancy Dr. Susan B. Bucaneg
College of Agriculture Dr. Jay F. Omotoy
College of Criminal Justice Administration Dr. Claribel A. Gaspar
College of Hospitality Industry Management Dr. Reynold B. Pattaui
College of Hospitality Industry Management Prof. Mae Angelica A. Sinco

Undergraduate Program

Courses Type Level
(Accreditation Status)
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture major in:
Animal Science
Crop Science
Baccalaureate Candidate
Bachelor of Elementary Education Baccalaureate Candidate
Bachelor of Secondary Education major in:
Baccalaureate Candidate
Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Industry Management Baccalaureate Candidate
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Baccalaureate Candidate
Bachelor of Science in Criminology Baccalaureate Candidate
Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology Baccalaureate
Laboratory High School (Last batch will graduate 2018)

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  • Email: csugonzagamisplanning@gmail.com / joffreybjara@gmail.com

Ferdinand C. Oli, Ph.D.

Campus Executive Officer

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