Cagayan State University

Andrews Campus

CSU Andrews is the seat of the university governance. Formerly known as CSU Caritan, this campus is where the University President holds office and where the different key administrative offices in instruction, research and extension and production are located. It prides itself in its outstanding performance in the board examinations for medical technologists, certified public accountants and licensed teachers. Now with 27 accredited and visited by the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) and an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified, CSU Andrews houses the Graduate School, College of Law, College of Hospitality Industry Management, College of Teacher Education, College of Business and Entrepreneurship Administration and College of Medical Technology. The second largest campus in terms of student population and faculty and personnel, this campus is the former Cagayan Trade School (CTS) and the Cagayan Valley College of Arts and Trades (CVCAT), which today, has transformed into a dynamic and globally competent campus offering the most subscribed academic programs to local and international students.

Andrews Campus offers a state-of-the art facilities. Students can access a range of resources from the University Library which now adopts an integrated online library system and a barcode system to facilitate borrowing and returning procedures. The University continues to invest in student facilities in Andrews. Its classrooms and lecture facilities have been made ICT-ready and are covered by CCTV cameras and secured by well-trained guards.

You can get down to work wherever you feel comfortable. The campus has functional student canteen beside the 5,000-seater gymnasium that has been made as host to numerous campus and local concerts and events. There are wi-fi connectivity in nine stations, including the Athena Garden, a regular spot for students who wait for their next class or just enjoy the view of the stunning and imposing Roman inspired buildings of CSU.

All students can register, see their grades, and soon pay their fees online. This is made possible by a system put in place by the administration: Higher Education Enrollment Decision Support (HEEDS). Apart from this, student assessment and payment is made hassle-free due to the implementation of the Student Information Accounting System (SIAS). Taught by staff who are among the top researchers in their fields, and who have a bright vision for the development of teaching and research on the campus, CSU students have the power to create a campus experience that is even more exciting, fun and complete as the campus is equipped with computer, science and speech laboratories where hands-on training and experimentations and simulations are done.

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