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The college started as secondary school of fisheries under the direct administrative supervision of the Commissioner of the Philippines Fisheries Commission, Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources, with an authorized appropriation of PhP50,000.00 provided in the R.A. 685 was enacted by the Congress of the Philippines on May 9, 1952. In accordance with this Act, a plan was formulated to establish the Aparri School of Fisheries but due to financial constraint, it was deferred, however the local officials (municipal and provincial) made proper representation to authorities to realize its plan to put up the school, since the Fisheries Commission was not able to do, so much so, that during the reorganization of all government offices in 1956, the problem of implementing R.A. 685 became the responsibility of the Bureau of Public Schools.

  • May 9 1952 approval of R.A. 685 in Congress of the Philippines establishing a school under the direct administrative supervision of the Commissioner of the Philippine Fisheries, DANR.

  • January 12, 1957 due to reorganization of all government offices in 1956 the school was transferred and administered by the Bureau of Public Schools, Department of Education.

  • June 1, 1958 the school was named Aparri School of Fisheries, offering the secondary fisheries curriculum.

  • July 1, 1971 the Aparri School of Fisheries was converted to Aparri College of Fisheries by virtue of Republic Act no. 3755 and offering the Technical Fishery Course.

  • February 20, 1974 the College expanded its program by opening the four-year college course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Fisheries Education (BSFE) beginning the first semester of the S.Y. 1974-1975.

  • April 18, 1975 the College further expanded its program by offering four-year fishery technological course curriculum leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Fisheries (BSF) effective first semester of school year 1975-1976.

  • April 19, 1978 approval in the request of Supt. Armando B. Cortes to change the name from Aparri College of Fisheries to Aparri Institute of Technology, due to the offering of secondary agro-fishery curriculum and a technical agricultural program.

  • June 11, 1978 the establishment of the Cagayan State University and the College Program in Fisheries of the Aparri Institute of Technology was transferred to the University.

  • S.Y. 1983 implementation of the program of the Regional Institute of Fisheries Technology (RIFT) the diploma in Fisheries Technology and closing temporarily the program for Bachelor of Science in Fisheries (BSF).

  • S.Y. 1988 re-opening of the course Bachelor of Science in Fisheries when the RIFT program, Diploma in Fisheries Technology terminated.

  • June 2005 the inclusion of the program Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology and renaming the College to College of Fisheries and Marine Science.

Courses Offered

Graduate School

  1. Doctor of Philosophy in Development
    Majors: Human Resource Management, Development Education

  2. Master of Arts in Education (thesis & non-thesis options)
    Majors: Educational Management, Filipino, English

  3. Master in Public Administration (thesis and non-thesis options)

Undergraduate Courses

  1. Bachelor of Science in Fisheries

  2. Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology

  3. Bachelor of Science in Biology

  4. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

  5. Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

  6. Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management

  7. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology (laderized) Automotive, Drafting, Electrical, Food trades, Garment trades

  8. Bachelor of Science in Education


  1. Laboratories for Post harvest

  2. Laboratories for Aquaculture:
    • Breeding concrete tanks
    • Land-based hatcheries for tilapia
    • Laboratories for Chemical analysis and Microbiology
    • Marine biology laboratories

  3. Computer laboratories

Contact Information

Cagayan State University
Office of the Campus Executive Officer
Aparri Campus, Maura, Aparri
3515 Cagayan
Phone Number: +63 78 8882751
Fax Number: +63 78 8228399