Cagayan State University

Courses Offered

  1. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
    • Crop Science major
    • Animal Science major

  2. Bachelor of Agricultural Technology

  3. Diploma of Agricultural Technology

  4. Bachelor of Arts major in Political Science

  5. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

  6. Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management

  7. Bachelor of Secondary Education
    Majors: English, Filipino, Mathematics, Biology, Physical Education

  8. Bachelor of Elementary Education
    Majors: English, Filipino, Social Studies, Science & Health, Mathematics

  9. Laboratory High School

Student Services and Welfare Programs
Scholarship/Grant-in-Aid Program

  1. University Grant-in-Aid - granted to children of faculty and staff enrolled in the University. It provides 100 percent tuition fee discount to every recipient.

  2. Government- Assisted
    1. President Diosdao Macapagal Scholarship free tuition and miscellaneous fees granted to children of agrarian reform beneficiaries. Recipients are screened by the Department of Agrarian Reform.

    2. Lal-lo Municipal Scholarship Program?granted to residents of the municipality of Lal-lo. The package consists of free tuition and miscellaneous fees.

    3. Cagayan Provincial Government Scholarship?granted to residents of Cagayan. Supported by the Provincial Government, the program offers free tuition and miscellaneous fees to recipients.

    4. Sangguniang Kabataan Privilege?a privilege granted by law to all officers of the Sangguniang Kabataan.

    5. Barangay Privilege a privilege extended to all children of elected and appointed barangay officials.

Housing Services

The campus has seven dormitories and apartments to house the students while enrolled in the university. There are three apartments, one for male students and two for ladies. In addition, there are four ladies dormitories supervised by faculty and staff matrons. These facilities provide free water and light at a minimal fee of seventy-five pesos (P75.00) a month.

Guidance Services

The Office of Student Services and Welfare extends information, counseling, career guidance to students. The office is manned by a Guidance Counselor.

Medical and Dental Services

The Campus Clinic offers first aid medical services as well as dental services. Manned by a School Dentist and a Public School Nurse, it dispenses free medicines to treat common ailments of students and faculty. Serious cases are referred to in secondary and tertiary hospitals. Moreover, tooth extraction and dental treatment are provided at a minimal cost.

Library Services

The Campus Library has a collection of 7230 volumes of books of different titles spread across the different disciplines. To cater to the needs of the different courses, there are books along agriculture, teacher education, information technology, hotel industry management, and political science.

Contact Information

Cagayan State University
Office of the Campus Executive Officer
Lal-lo Campus, Lal-lo
3509 Cagayan
Phone Number: +63 78 372-0407