Cagayan State University

CSU officials, GFPS members advance on Gender Mainstreaming Seminar Workshop

By Isaias Quilang

Posted on September 3, 2016

Pursuant to the staunch commitment of the Cagayan State University to undertake initiatives that ensure efficient and effective mainstreaming of gender plans, programs and activities, the University Gender and Development (GAD) Office and Resource Center conducted Seminar-Workshop on Gender Mainstreaming on October 31 to September 2, 2016 at the Hotel Kimikarlai. Tuguegarao City.

Dr. Simeon Rabanal Jr., Vice President for Administration welcomes the participants with warmth and jest as he sets the tone of the activity with his opening remarks.

Members of the University GAD Focal Point System (GFPS) who include College and University Deans, Campus Executive Officers, GAD Focal Persons, GAD Technical Working Group and other key officials of the University participated in the seminar-workshop.

In her message, Dr. Mariden Ventura-Cauilan, OIC-University President, encourages participants to share with others (colleagues) the learnings obtained from the activity, urging Research, Extension and Instruction to take further initiatives in a gender mainstreamed perspective along programs, projects and activities of the University.

Dr. Florida P. Faculo, PCW Certified GAD Resource Person, served as the resource speaker for the activity.

Topics discussed included GAD Concepts, Legal Bases, Gender Analysis, Gender Mainstreaming, and Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines.

Gender Specialist Dr. Faculo discusses the importance and mechanics of gender mainstreaming.

In her talk, Dr. Jocelyn D. Tuscano, University GAD Focal Person, stressed that the seminar-workshop aims to boost the knowledge, roles and responsibilities of participants as GAD advocates in facilitating gender mainstreaming across all sectors of the University.

As she wraps up the overview of the seminar-workshop, Dr. Jocelyn Tuscano calls on the participants to become GAD advocates by taking part in the promotion of equality between women and men.

The participants during the workshop were briefed on the application of gender-mainstreaming principles and importance of gender analysis in developing a GAD Framework.

Participants, split into groups, work and present their outputs in one of the dynamic workshops prepared by the Resource Speaker.

The three-day workshop is consistent with the existing government policies adopting GAD as strategy that recognizes the equality of men and women.

Section 36 of Republic Act No. 9710, otherwise known as the Magna Carta for Women states that all government agencies and state universities and colleges shall adopt gender mainstreaming as a strategy to promote women’s human rights and eliminate gender discrimination in the systems, structures, policies, programs, processes, and procedures; and shall establish or strengthen their Gender and Development Focal Point System (GFPS) or a similar GAD mechanism to catalyze and accelerate gender mainstreaming within the agency.

Participants on wearing the new CSU GAD advocacy shirts.