Cagayan State University

DWTG 102.5, Now Signing On

By CSU Communications Desk

Posted on April 12, 2016

Cagayan State University being at the frontline of service recognizes the role of communication in development by providing relevant information that suits the needs of its service communities. Concretizing efforts to democratize communication for development in the municipality, the Rebranding and Reprogramming Project of CSU-Gonzaga Campus was given birth.

A Memorandum of Agreement was forged between Cagayan State University Gonzaga Campus (DWTG License holder) and the Local Government Unit of Gonzaga to seal their commitment in managing and sustaining the community radio in town, the DWTG 102.5 Mhz FM – Tangguyob ti Gonzaga.

CSU Gonzaga, being the lead implementer of the Rebranding and Reprogramming Project for DWTG, convened various sectors of the municipality to re-create a new Community Radio Council – the policy making body of the station. A new set of CRC members were nominated and selected by the participating sectors like Transport group, Senior Citizen, Women’s’ group, Education Sector (Elementary, Secondary and Tertiary), Educators’ group, Youth sector, Culture and Arts sector, and the Alternative Learning System Bureau of the Department of Education.

Capacitating the People as Community Broadcasters

With the previous meetings conducted about the reprogramming of DWTG, the need for a training-workshop for the future community broadcasters and volunteers for the new sound, image, and brand of the community radio was deemed vital. Thus, a training-workshop was conducted billed as “Training-Workshop on Participatory Program Development and Community Broadcasting” on February 18-19 and February 22-27, 2016 held at the Gonzaga Riverview Hotel and Resort and at the CSU-Gonzaga Campus respectively. This included lecture and hands-on training on radio program production. Likewise, a write shop for program scripts and workshop for radio broadcast materials was conducted. This is an effort to assist the partnership of the LGU and the CSU Gonzaga campus in developing unique community radio programs featuring the different sectors in Gonzaga. The outputs of the training workshop were used in the formulation and airing of new programs at 102.5 MHz FM DWTG Tangguyob ti Gonzaga.

Mr. Jan Justin C. Rodriguez, the Deputy Station Manager said that the re-establishment of DWTG 102.5 as ‘community radio’ in its truest sense will help empower the grassroots achieve countryside development.

“We only foresee the best for our community – GONZAGA. Thus, we see and recognize the different sectors in our community. This recognition is strengthened in the previously conducted Training-Workshop on Participatory Program Development and Community Broadcasting as we continuously move to the fulfilment of community involvement and participation. Thus, talents in broadcasting are not only exposed and developed but individuality per sector is acclaimed in the training-workshop”, Rodriguez said.

The rebranding and reprogramming project as initiated by the CSU-Gonzaga Campus together with LGU-G and the community is envisioned to promote community communication by providing avenue to the grassroots to echo their voices via airwaves.

The Project is also a significant community undertaking as it will widen the Extension Programs of the university to its clienteles.

For Dr. Florante Victor M. Balatico, CSU-G Campus Executive Officer, the Project will strengthen their extension activities in bringing development closer to the doorstep of every Gonzaganians.

“Through DWTG, community will have the chance to air their issues and become active agents of development. This will also help the campus to widen its extension task in bringing innovation, technology and research outputs ready for application. With this, through DWTG, we can reach and extend the services of CSU to every Gonzaganians and to every nearby communities”, Balatico exclaimed.

The Volunteers’ Flame of Commitment to Participate

Last April 2, the volunteers’ dedication and commitment were tested in the launching of the new DWTG. A short promotional radio interview was conducted in the morning to inform the listeners of the newest programs. Each sector gave a radio set to listeners who participated in the Q&A portion during the promotion. Around 4P.M., the motorcade marked the beginning of the new sound of the community radio. This was followed by a program at the Rizal Park in Gonzaga, Cagayan.

Dr. Rogelio P. Matalang, President of the Philippine Federation of Rural Broadcasters and the Station Manager of Department of Agriculture’s DWDA delivered his keynote speech where he emphasized that ‘it is commitment that will sustain the programs created for no amount of money can sustain a community’s commitment to its stakeholders.’

Different intermission numbers were given by the Elementary and Youth Sectors. The Culture and the Arts group also highlighted their proficiency in writing poems in their own version of ‘spoken poetry.’ The program was even made special by the presence of the Athena Rondalla Ensemble who serenaded the audience with their own version of selected old Ilocano songs. A pledge of commitment and loyalty was conducted for the volunteers to assert their dedication of their tasks as community broadcasters. The new set of CRC was also recognized through their oath office.

The New Sound of DWTG 102.5 Tangguyob ti Gonzaga

With the recently concluded launching, the official airing in DWTG started last April 3. ‘Radyo Pasada,’ the program of the Transport sector, made their first broadcast where several texters extend their support for the program and the station. Tambayan ng Kabataan, the program of the Youth sector, indeed captured the taste of the youth in the varied segments like Love Doctor, Daily Top 5 and Spoken Poetry. The Culture and the Arts sector also showed their utmost support and dedication in their program ‘Arapaap Ken Batonlagip’ that proclaimed the Cagayanos or the Gonzagenians cultural ingenuity in their songs, poems, stories, and travels.

Other programs are “Hayskul Lyf” (Education-Secondary group), “Benneg Dagiti Nataengan” (Senior Citizen sector), “A.L.S. Iti Tangatang” (Deped A.L.S. Bureau), “Kids On-Air” (DEPED Elementary), “Guro Ninyo sa Radyo” (CSU-G) and “Morning Delights” (Volunteer Program). In-house programs were also lined up and will be aired soon that will cater to the information and entertainment needs of the listeners. “Naimbag nga Agsapa Gonzaga” is a news and current affairs that will give latest local and community news for every listeners; “Love Diaries”, a one hour letter-sender program format that will cater love stories of the listeners; “Di kan to Malipatan”, a letter-sender program in Ilocano medium that will give entertainment through reading of listeners’ own love stories and love messages; “Sagot ka ni Dok”, a health program that will provide the listeners free health consultation on air; and “Radyo Serbisyo” that will deliver public service announcements (panawagans) to the listening communities. Also, the program will discuss and inform the public about the local government’s projects and undertakings.

Other programs are still to be produced under the different LGU offices regarding disaster risk management (MDRRMC), employment needs (PESO), agri bits and tips (DA), protection and prevention (PNP), to name a few.

“Our commitment is 100% to make our program memorable and lasting,” confirmed by Mark Anthony Artis, one of the programs hosts of “Tambayan ng Kabataan”. This is even proclaimed by one of the avid listeners of DWTG, “Matagal na kaming naghintay para sa bagong tunog at bagong programa ng DWTG, kaya kami ay natutuwa at nagpapasalamat dahil ang bawat sector ay may representante para marinig ang boses ng lahat”.

The new sound of DWTG is now the sound of the Gonzagenians, ‘maymaysa a timek’ as the theme song of DWTG goes, proves that one voice and one people are moving towards countryside development. As Nora Quebral said ‘the crucial requisite for a development communicator is a sense of commitment, the acceptance of individual responsibility for advancing human development.’ For indeed, the volunteers are now the development communicators in action and DWTG is their platform to achieve human development. With their assurance of commitment and dedication, DWTG will continue to be active in the airwaves of Gonzaga hoping in the future it will have wider reach in the Region and in the country.