Cagayan State University

CSU CAHS back-to-back Top 1 in the Medical Technology Board Exams

By Salvador S. Battung Jr.

Posted on September 2, 2016

CSU is Top 1 nationwide in August 2016 medical technologist board exam

Move over, elite schools in medical technology. Cagayan State University – College of Allied Health Sciences has now emerged as the school to beat as she has retained her Top 1 standing in the 2016 Medical Technology Board Exams. Once again, the College has posted a one-hundred per cent passing rate (89 passed out of 89 examinees) making her a three-time Top One Preforming School in Medical Technology in the country.

This feat also boosted the record of the College to four unbroken 100 % performances in four board exams (two separate board exams are held each year) in her two consecutive years of holding the top post in the board exams. The College started taking the lead position in 2013 but was unable to retain it when she posted a 98. 53% passing mark in 2014. The College went back to Top 1 last year with one topnotcher (Nasudi Pastores, 9th placer) and has renewed her claim of the top post with her 100% achievement in the August 2016 Board Exams.

Asked about his formula in leading CSU-CAHS into a topnotch institution for Medical Technology, Dean Julius T. Capili said, “I see to it that an intensive review for board examinees is conducted.” True enough, review classes begin right after graduation and continue until the students leave for the opening of board exams review in Manila.

According to Dean Capili, strict implementation of the screening and retention policy posed a challenge to the students to push themselves to the limit. Early on in First Year, the students were made to understand the screening and retention policy of the College.:

“To be a topnotch college, a culture of excellence must be established,” he likewise intimated. “This is not the work of the Dean alone; rather, it is a collaborative task of the College administration, faculty and staff. As can be observed, no CAHS students are seen socializing, much less, frolicking in the campus. Their eyes are glued to their notes and textbooks during their free time. They manage their time wisely for their studies.”

Dean Capili also revealed, “I build on the strengths of the faculty. I push them into becoming specialists by making them advance in their frontiers of education and by sending them to national and international trainings and conferences. In addition, I constantly instruct the faculty to make teaching-learning experiences of students reinforced through research and extension activities.”

Meanwhile, Reynel Pazziuagan, two-time CAHS mayor who was adjudged as most outstanding mayor in the entire University system and one of the passers, estimated that 70% of the test items were learned from school and 30%, from the review center. “I am thankful that CSU-CAHS prepared us well. While taking the board exam, I felt like I was just taking the comprehensive test at CSU. The degree of difficulty of both tests are more or less the same. That gave me a little ray of hope that I would pass,” he said.

That observation was corroborated by Mia Isabelle Antonio, another passer, saying “most of the contents of the board exam were discussed in our college classes. The test was more on practical application and less on memorized concepts. During the board exams, I was imagining myself in the CAHS laboratory answering a practical test.”

In the previous years, the College posted several 100 % passing marks, but did not get to the Top 1 since the number of passers fell short of the fifty minimum number of passers to qualify for a top rank. Most notable was Batch 2012 that registered a 100% passing mark with two topnotchers (one national 6th placer and one national 8th placer) but failed to land in the Top Spot as there were only forty-seven passers out of forty-seven takers. The College also obtained 100% passing rates in 2010 and 2011.

With her consistent outstanding performance in the Board Exams, CSU-CAHS has proven that despite its being a provincial school, it provides quality instruction which produces quality and competitive graduates. As such, it can even lord it over elite and prestigious medical technology schools in the country. Being consistent as Number One Top Performing Medical Technology School in the country for 2015 and 2016, CSU-CAHS has, indeed, emerged as the medical technology school to beat.

Side Bar Story

Gearing ourselves up for the biggest test of our lives

By Floriel Sathya Agaloos

Approximately three months were allotted for our review. Two months were spent in the review center and barely a month for the self-review. In the review center, there were lectures for each subject. The professors at the review center were doctors and topnotchers who reinforced the knowledge we had already gained while we were in CSU-CAHS.

The review center also gave us several exams. We basically had three exams for each board subject: two removal exams and an assessment exam. The exams were designed to test our core knowledge of the subjects and our ability to answer the set of questions under time pressure. After all the lectures and exams, our review center also administered a mock board examination to further gauge our preparedness for the board exams.

For me, the self-review was really crucial. It was literally poring over an amalgamation of knowledge I gained during the review and during my academic years. To be honest, even though the review professors advised us to read recall questions, I never really did read them. I focused more on lectures and books. During the board exams, I did not regret my decision because the questions were more on analysis. So my advice to the medical technology students in the lower years: listen to the professors and read a lot of books. That is the best investment you can have for yourselves.