Cagayan State University

Cagayan State University Celebrates the National Volunteerism Month

By Leon Milan Emmanuel L. Romano

Posted on December 20, 2016

Along with the theme on the National Volunteerism Month (NVM), the Cagayan State University (CSU) in collaboration with the Benita and Catalino Yap Foundation (BCYF), celebrated the NVM this December 13, 2016 at the Cagayan State University – Andrews Campus Amphitheater with the theme: “Citizenship, Sustainability, Social Responsibility” (CSR). The activity was spearheaded by the Office of the Vice-President for Research, Development, and Extension headed by DR. NELIA CAUILAN, in collaboration with the Guidance Services Office and the Office of the Dean of Instruction headed by DR. FEBE MARL G. PAAT and DR. EDITHA S. PAGULAYAN, respectively.

Guest and participants registering for the event

The activity began with a reflection showing the devastation caused by the Super Typhoon “Lawin” and how volunteerism helped the City rise again. REV. FR. RANHILIO C. AQUINO (Vice-President for Administration and Finance) opened the program by welcoming all participants and gave a message: “For volunteerism to be lasting and truly effective, it must be seen as an obligation rather than a mere commitment that can be withdrawn at any time”. After which DR. EDITHA S. PAGULAYAN (Dean of Instruction) introduced the guests and participants a total of 391 attended the activity coming from the following organizations:

  1. Cagayan State University – Andrews
  2. Cagayan State University – Aparri
  3. Cagayan State University – Carig
  4. Cagayan State University – Gonzaga
  5. Cagayan State University – Lallo
  6. Cagayan State University – Lasam
  7. Cagayan State University – Piat
  8. Cagayan State University – Sanchez Mira
  9. Saint Paul University of the Philippines
  10. University of Cagayan Valley
  11. Medical College of Northern Philippines
  12. Tuguegarao City Science High School
  13. Maila Rosario College
  14. Department of Science and Technology
  15. LGU of Tuguegarao City
  16. LGU of Lasam
  17. LGU of Cabagan
  18. Zonta Club Tuguegarao Central

DR. FEBE MARL G. PAAT (Director of the Guidance Services) introduced the 3 speakers for the event. The speakers were: (1) MR. VOLTAIRE ANTHONY C. VILLAROSA, a 3 term mayor represented the BCYF during the event; (2) DR. NELIA Z. CAUILAN, the Vice-President for Research, Development and Extension; and (3) DR. MADELIZA P. CALLANGAN, the President of the Zonta Club Tuguegarao

Mr. Voltaire Anthony C. Villarosa speaking before the body

Mr. Villarosa spoke of the effects of innovation to volunteerism and also introduced the foundation’s rewards for innovative ideas towards social development. He centered on the rewards of volunteerism and how it brings a sense of fulfillment to those who enter into it. His discussion pointed towards saying: “While people should not expect compensation for volunteering, it does not mean that volunteers get nothing in return”. The BCFY is a foundation that welcomes volunteerism and rewards it when coupled with innovation. The next speaker, Dr. Cauilan, spoke on the essence of volunteerism, its motivations, purpose, and barriers. She further elucidated on the rewards of volunteering as earlier explained by Mr. Villarosa and said that: “Volunteerism is an act of selflessness”. Lastly, Dr. Callangan, spoke of her experiences as a volunteer and how volunteering helped others. She presented actual footages and videos of volunteer work and said that anyone can be a volunteer. Dr. Callangan’s presentation led to a conclusion that: Volunteerism does not require status, wealth, or age. Anyone can be a volunteer”.

Certificate of Appreciation being awarded to the speakers

Participants awarded with their Certificate of Participation