Cagayan State University

CSU Carig is RAATI 1st runner up

By CSU Carig Communications Office

Posted on May 04, 2015

The University President and Campus officials join the ceremonial parade during the RAATI 2015

Jumping from number 19 out of 22 schools in the 2014 regional tactical inspection, CSU Carig Campus set a record after it placed 1st runner up in this year’s Regional Annual Administrative and Tactical Inspection (RAATI).

With full support coming from the University President, Dr. Romeo R. Quilang, and the Campus Executive Officer Dr. Archimedes C. Articulo, through his National Service Training Program Coordinator, Mrs. Elma V. Gismundo, the campus outshined the other 17 private and public schools that participated in the annual competition.

The RAATI Inspection Team headed by Col. Benjamin M. Laguardia gave CSU Carig a rating of 98.285, making it land on the 1st runner up.

Two hundred fourteen cadets from CSU Carig – Reserved Officers Training Corps (ROTC) Unit participated in the said activity held annually to evaluate the degree of training of ROTC cadets, some of them were awarded certificates and cash prizes by Colonel Laguardia for maintaining a good scholastic record while on training.

In his message, President Quilang, who was joined by CEO Articulo, college deans and campus officials at the Carig Grounds, congratulated the cadets for successfully completing the course and for the outstanding performance they demonstrated in the annual inspection.

Dr. Romeo Quilang and Dr. Archimedes Articulo congratulate the Batallion Commander of CSU Carig ROTC Unit.