Cagayan State University

6 CSU graduates pass agricultural engineering licensure exam; 44 new electrical engineers set 97.78% record

By the UPDO-MIS Staff

Posted on September 14, 2015

The College of Engineering (COE) proudly announced the name of passers in this year’s licensure examination for agricultural engineers and electrical engineers.

Based on the official list issued by the office of COE Dean Buencamino Martin, 6 graduates of COE Agricultural Engineering Department made it in the examination held in August, recording an institutional passing rate of 50 percent, far better that the 40.43 percent national rating.

The successful passers are: Engr. Gregorio Ribad, Engr. Reina Molina, Engr. Lloyd Cantor, Engr. Nympha Manaligod, Engr. Saylen Joyce and Engr. Nelson Galimba.

Martin also identified the passers of the September 5-6, 2015 licensure examination for electrical engineers.

In his letter addressed to CEO Carig Archimedes Articulo, the dean said the successful examinees, who registered a 97.78 percent institutional passing rate over the 67.78 percent national percentage are:

  • Engr. Robinson G. Abolo
  • Engr. Albert P. Aggabao
  • Engr. Jorie Angelo C. Baccay
  • Engr. Creshilda Myn V. Belen
  • Engr. Jojo A. Bilag
  • Engr. Aladino C. Bingayan Jr.
  • Engr. Romer T. Castillo
  • Engr. Jan Michael L. Catolos
  • Engr. Albert B. Cequena
  • Engr. Justin Jhon C. Corpuz
  • Engr. Christian V. Curammeng
  • Engr. John Carlo P. Del Rosario
  • Engr. Desiree C. Domingo
  • Engr. Pabias M. Estuesta Jr.
  • Engr. Billy Ray U. Fernandez
  • Engr. Hanzel M. Fernandez
  • Engr. Lou Francis O. Fernandez
  • Engr. Bergel C. Galamay
  • Engr. Mary Ann M. Garingan
  • Engr. Kenneth Gaspar
  • Engr. Mark Zigfred Gonzaga
  • Engr. Dexter M. Guzman
  • Engr. Mark Anthony S. Ibanez
  • Engr. Jewelle Evanna C. Irigayen
  • Engr. Benito F. Lumelay
  • Engr. Abner V. Mariano
  • Engr. Christian James V. Medrano
  • Engr. Jefrhey A. Menor
  • Engr. Von Carlos F. Nolasco
  • Engr. Vanloui P. Ojano
  • Engr. Christian Paul Y. Olangco
  • Engr. Arlene C. Patricio
  • Engr. Jaymar G. Payuyo
  • Engr. Mark Anthony D. Rabara
  • Engr. Marc Ian A. Rambuyan
  • Engr. Gracious D. Ramos
  • Engr. Jasmin A. Roldan
  • Engr. Arjae R. Santos
  • Engr. Geomar D. Soriano
  • Engr. Micah Grace L. Tadije
  • Engr. Gary D. Ulanino
  • Engr. Noah B. Unida
  • Engr. Marlou P. Vallejo
  • Engr. Ireneo P. Verdadero Jr.

Aside from this feat, Dean Martin also informed the CEO that 31 out of 35 (88.75) graduates of COE passed the Licensure Examination for Registered Master Electricians held on Sept. 7, 2015.

He cited the efforts of the graduates and faculty members for this accomplishment of the college.

“We salute our examinees for their desire to become engineers coupled with their yearning to bring honor to our school,” he said.

As the dean of the college, he said, “I have also extended my congratulations and thanks to the faculty who gave their best to mold them.”

“We, in the college, remain steadfast to our commitment to educate our students for the best,” the official said.