Cagayan State University

CSU-APA General Assembly and Team Building! Together, Stronger, Better!

By Rachel G. Miguel

Posted on September 03, 2015

Officers and members of the Administrative Personnel Association (APA) from the eight campuses of Cagayan State University attended, actively participated in and definitely had a memorable and fun, laughter and friendship filled 2 General assembly and teambuilding activity last August 19-20, 2015 at the newly discovered, refreshing and invigorating venue, Tintin's Resort located at Cabasan, Peñablanca, Cagayan.

The activity kicked off with a sumptuous breakfast, and those who arrived early had a chance to tour the venue. Upon the arrival and readiness of the participants from the other campuses, the assembly was formally called into order. The officers of the CSU-APA were introduced and delighted the group with their wowing “statue dance” performance by the CSU-APA officers led by their president Ma. Rachel G. Miguel. This set the convivial and festive mood for the activity.

Officers of the administrative personnel association in each campus were also introduced to the group by their respective campus association presidents, allowing everyone to get to know each other much better setting the tone for more camaraderie and oneness among the group.

Certain provisions of the CSU APA by-laws such as the beneficiaries and amount of benefits given to members were presented to the body for collegial discussion and possible amendments. Atty. Joey Cauilan shared his sound interpretations and offered legal advice on issues raised when it was sought for. All opinions and related concerns were heard and the decision of the majority prevailed.

A truly interesting, enlightening and lively lecture on Administrative Justice, Personnel Sector Unionism and Sexual Harassment was delivered by Atty. Marcelo Cabildo Jr. from the Legal Services Division of the Civil Service Commission. The discussions were concise, and everyone was attentive due to the very stimulating discussion and relevant topics. Special thanks is expressed here for the magnanimous act of Atty. Cabildo, who ably and congenially went on with his lecture despite the heat in the hall.

After the filling and delicious dinner, the socialization immediately followed suit. The performances of the campuses in the different contested categories really showed how each campus took the challenge, prepared for their performances, complete with props and costumes! Every campus was bent on showcasing their best talents, and they really did bring the house down!

The following were the winners for the contested events:

  • Pop Dance - CSU Aparri
  • Solo Singing – CSU Sanchez Mira
  • Duet – CSU Aparri

Special thanks to the Jurors who really did had a hard time choosing the best performance and performers!

After the socialization, some employees ended up having mini-socials of their own in the cottages that they had occupied. Most slept off their tiredness; some had fun at the pool. Needless to say, the first day was a complete success!

The second day’s team building session started with a truly revitalizing and exhilarating math dance zumba workout led by the energetic Guidance Counselors from the different campuses. It was followed by a series of laughter and excitement filled activities that involved the committed participation and active cooperation of members to their assigned teams. The team building activities prepared and conducted by the guidance counselors stressed on giving one’s best as a part of the team and seeing how important an individual's commitment is for the ultimate success of a team, whatever its goals may be.

Dr. Ian Roger Francisco graced the occasion and presented to the group the proposed CSU academic sash. He sought the suggestion of the group which he shall present to the committee to be considered before the final design, and name of the sash shall be decided upon.

The team building activity had to be cut short however, due to the typhoon which was then heading to the downstream areas of the province. This worried the participants from the other campuses, and everybody had to rush their farewells to be able to leave early and see the safety of their loved ones back home.

The general assembly and team building activity came into fruition because of the active leadership of each of the campus association officers and the supportive cooperation of their members.

Our special gratitude to Dr. Romeo R. Quilang and Campus Executive Officers and those who supported this activity. You are all a part of the tie that now binds the CSU-APA even closer!

Yes, we have proven that Together, we are and can be Stronger moving towards a continuously Better CSU-APA!

Next activity: CSU APA inter-campus sports fest!