Cagayan State University

CSU employees receive PBB 2014

By the UPDO-MIS Staff

Posted on September 29, 2015

Employees of Cagayan State University received bonuses of up to P35,000 each on Sept. 24 after the University was granted eligibility to receive the 2014 Performance-Based Bonus by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) created under Administrative Order No. 25 of the Office of the President.

A total of 755 employees of the University benefited from the bonus. Of this number, 202 are from Andrews Campus, 25 from Lallo Campus, 108 from Aparri Campus, 61 from Gonzaga Campus, 52 from Sanchez Mira Campus, 74 from Piat Campus, 179 from Carig Campus and 20 from Lasam Campus.

Under the performance-based incentive system (PBIS) implemented by the IATF, the campuses (also known as delivery units) were ranked as best, better and good performing units. Based on the results of the ranking done, Andrews was rated best performing delivery unit among eight campuses. Lal-lo and Aparri got the better rating, while the rest of the campuses received the good rating.

Also in the same system, employees of the ranked units are rated best, better and good, and they each get different amounts of bonuses. At Andrews, the best employees received P35,000, better employees got P20,000 and good P10,000.

Lal-lo and Aparri best employees received P25,000, better employees P13,500 and good P7,000.

Best employees of Gonzaga, Sanchez Mira, Piat, Carig and Lasam received P15,000, the better ones P10,000 and the good P5,000.

The list of employees entitled to receive bonus included retirees and those separated from the agency with at least 3 months of service, and were paid on pro-rata basis.

For the complete list of employees who received their bonus, click this link.

The Financial Management Office of the University reported that a total of P7,965,450.00 was used to payout the bonus of the employees.

PBB is one of the components of the Aquino administration’s performance-based incentive system (PBIS), which recognizes and rewards exemplary performance in government.

Under the PBIS, qualified agencies that submitted all compliance reports on time would be assessed, provided that they meet at least 90 percent of their targets for the year.

Agencies are also required to fulfill all the good governance conditions set by the IATF on the Harmonization of the National Government Performance Monitoring, Information and Reporting Systems.