Cagayan State University

CSU Aparri launches Museum of Fisheries

By Roseann O. Lazza and Keithly Anne T. Camarao

Posted on November 13, 2015

Dr. Romeo R. Quilang, takes the pride of leading the ribbon cutting to signal the opening of the Museum of Fisheries, bearing the Ybanag marque, Pakasingngannan ta Kaikanan.

The Cagayan State University-Aparri made history when it launched the Museum of Fisheries on September 24, 2015.

University President Dr. Romeo R. Quilang led the ribbon-cutting ceremony to formally open the museum to the viewing public. Campus Executive Officer Dr. Eunice Layugan and other university and campus officials witnessed the rite which followed by a short blessing rite presided over by Fr. Adalbert Barut, parish priest of Aparri.

Dr. Maxima T. Sanchez, the museum curator, said they could not believe what they just accomplished because the gathering, identification, and coding of the collections in the museum put up by the College of Fisheries and Marine Science (CFMS) was done only for a week, from September 18 to its launching date.

She said the establishment of the museum was the result of the concerted efforts of CEO Layugan, CFMS Dean Wilma Chua, and General Services Coordinator Prof. Fernando Natividad.

Faculty members, staff and students also threw in their full support to this project, she said.

The museum, located at the ICRM building showcases different various fishery resources and species. Collections include 10 species of bivalves, 97 species of fishes, three species of sea urchins, 10 species of univalves, two species of starfish, a specie of brittle star, three species of shrimps, six species of crabs, a sea turtle, five coral samples, 14 miscellaneous types of seaweeds, 21 types of sea cucumbers, one sting ray and displays of two species of sharks.

The museum, which is open for public viewing, aims to increase the awareness of people on the history, listings and sources of the diverse fishery resources. It stages four highlights of fishery aspects: post-harvest, fish capture, ichthyology and aquaculture. Post-harvest brands fish preservation produces. Fish capture compares and contrasts traditional and advanced fishing ways through the fishing gear displays.

Different fish species found in the region and in the country and endemic species of clams and shells which are found in the Cagayan River are also displayed in the museum.

University President, Dr. Romeo R. Quilang, with other University and Campus Officials, grace the ribbon cutting ceremony during the opening of the Museum of Fisheries on September 24, 2015 at CSU-Aparri.