Cagayan State University

CSU celebrates Christmas with concert, awards, presidential report

By the UPDO-MIS Staff

Posted on December 23, 2015

The Cagayan State University celebrated Christmas on December 22 with music, awarding ceremony, games and a report from the University President.

Officials, employees and select students coming from the eight campuses of the University gathered at the CSU Andrews Gymnasium to witness musical treat starred by a live band group made up of students from CSU Sanchez Mira, who won first place in this year’s live band competition of the Philippine Association of State Colleges and Universities (PASUC) Culture and Arts Festival in Bicol.

In between the song renditions of the band, the participants, led by the dance instructors from the College of Human Kinetics, took their partners on the floor to show off their disco, boogie, and chacha skills.

The event, which capped the celebrations that happened in the campuses, became even memorable when Vice President for Academic Affairs Mariden Ventura asked the audience to pause for a moment to pay tribute to the outstanding athletes, socio-cultural fest winners and academic achievers who brought honors to the University in regional and national sports and socio-cultural contests.

She called each of the achievers on stage to receive certificates from the University President, who distributed gifts to employees and who gamely joined selfies and groupies with them.

Funfilled games followed, and the tick of noon, the organizers invited the audience to partake of the food served for everyone attending the activity, which was graced by former Agriculture Secretary Dr. William Dar.

Earlier on, President Romeo R. Quilang presented a 10-minute report on the accomplishments of the University along instruction, research, extension and operational management of CSU.

He enumerated some of the important milestones of the University during the year, which, according to him were the “fruits of our teamwork and constant support coming from our collaborators and benefactors from outside the University.”

Loaded with “thank yous” and congratulatory remarks and interrupted by continual applause, the speech of the president included his call for unity for the continued success of CSU.

“Please join me as we sail the next led of our common journey towards the transformation and evolution of CSU into a world-class University,” the university president said.

Ending with the piece titled, “The Flight of Geese,” President Quilang used powerful lines to put across his message for unity and reconciliation in this part of the year and henceforth.

Borrowing lines from the pierce, he said: “Let’s stay beside each other no matter what differences, especially in times of difficulty and great challenges.”

He continued: “If we bond together and support each other, if we make true of the spirit of team work, regardless of our differences, we can rise to meet all challenges. If we understand the real value of friendship, if we are aware of the feeling of sharing, life will be easier and the passing of years will be more fulfilling.”