Cagayan State University

CSU–CAHS Reaps Another Golden Harvest

By Salvador S. Battung, Jr.

Posted on March 31, 2016

Prof. Salvador S. Battung, Jr., CAHS Executive Secretary and Ms. Arlene Uy, CAHS Medical Laboratory Technologist receive the most coveted School Slam Award

The College of Allied Health Sciences did it again!

As the current school year draws to a close, the College of Allied Health Sciences of Cagayan State University has once more asserted her dominance over big Colleges and Universities in Northern Luzon as it copped three awards during the 10th SANDUGO Recognition and Awarding Ceremonies held at the Crown Pavilion, Tuguegarao City last March 11, 2016.

The SANDUGO Awards were given by Regional Blood Services Network No. 2 and Northern Blood Services Zone 2 through the Cagayan Valley Medical Center Blood Center.

Topping the list of awards given to the College is the plaque for the School Slam Award which made CSU Andrews lord it over other contenders namely University of Cagayan Valley, Cagayan State University Carig Campus, University of St. Louis Tuguegarao, Medical Colleges of Northern Philippines, and St. Paul University Philippines.

Said award was given to the College in recognition of her major role in inculcating in the young minds the essence of voluntary blood donation. The College had 1,484 donors bled for the period of January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2015.

Another Plaque of Recognition was awarded to the College for its support to the National Blood Services Program of the Department of Health through regular community blood donations, obtaining a minimum of fifty-five units in each of at least four bloodletting activities for the period of January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2015. This was the sixth time the College received this award from the same institution.

The third award is the plaque for Sandugo Special Award presented to Prof. Dorina D. Sabatin, Program Coordinator of the Medical Technology Program, for institutionalizing and maintaining the regular blood donation in Cagayan State University Andrews Campus in her capacity as Blood Coordinator.

The three awards were received by Prof. Salvador S. Battung, Jr., CAHS Executive Secretary, Ms. Arlene Uy, CAHS Medical Laboratory Technologist, and Ms. Desiree Jolly Dela Cruz, CAHS Laboratory Staff as proxies of Dean Julius T. Capili and Prof. Dorina Sabatin who were then both on travel to attend to the needs of the Med Tech Board takers of the College.

Early this School Year, the College reaped its initial golden harvest as it snatched two prestigious and most coveted awards for Cagayan State University: as Top 1 Performing Medical Technology School in the Philippines, and 3rd Performing Respiratory Therapy School nationwide.

Such accolades can only be attributed to the dynamic leadership of the Dean, the brilliance of the faculty, and the unwavering support of the Staff.

Kudos, College of Allied Health Sciences!