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Posted on October 1, 2023

In a world struggling with the impact of climate change, there is a beaming hope harnessed from the potentials of Bamboo – Welcome to the Bamboo Sanctuary of Cagayan State University- a unique tourist destination of Northern Luzon!
In 2019, the project was conceptualized by Prof. Marie Cauilan as an offshoot of her short course in Sustainable Tourism at the Asian Institute of Management. The project was then implemented by Gonzaga campus CEO, Dr. Froilan Pacris, Jr. and his team, through the strong support and supervision of Pres. Urdujah G. Alvarado, as an extension arm of the Bamboo Agroforestry niche of the campus. The rich ecological landscape of the municipality of Gonzaga makes it a perfect haven for the bamboo to thrive.
At the heart of the CSU-Bamboo Sanctuary lies the Bamboo Café, a bamboo-built outdoor coffee shop that offers a serene place to relax while enjoying a menu of amazing local delicacies, such as Bibingka, tupig, and Tinubong - a dessert made of glutinous rice and coconut milk inserted in a bamboo node locally called as “tubong”. These dishes do not only provide a treat to the palates but also add to the natural and authentic experience that the café offers.
Another major highlight of the Bamboo Sanctuary is the building of sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo-inspired cottages known locally as “kubo”. The sturdy walls decorated with woven bamboo peels, the soaring roofs made of tropical palm leaves, the bamboo furniture, and the natural and fresh fragrance from the bamboo seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings and offer a harmonious and eco-friendly space to relax. The building of these state-of-the-art cottages was made possible through the contributions and sponsorships of the different campuses of CSU.
Surrounding the Bamboo Café and the Bamboo Huts are sceneries that equally provide serene and beautiful atmosphere for all visitors. The Bamboo Nursery and Bamboo Setum showcase 46 different varieties of bamboo, ranging from giant varieties to decorative and ornamental kinds. The Urdujah Health and Wellness Park provide a space for recreation and relaxation.
As you walk further, there lies a lush and colorful scene of the Dragon Fruit plantation, covering the area with green and red colors from the dragon fruit plants. In their season, visitors get to enjoy the sweet and satisfying taste of this delicious fruit.
As visitors exit the sanctuary, a souvenir shop is open to show them various products made from bamboo. T-shirts with bamboo designs, cups and mugs, planners, pens, tote bags , and other amazing commemorative products are always on display and are great reminders of the unique experience of the CSU-Bamboo Sanctuary. Likened to the resiliency, sturdiness, and versatility of the bamboo, Cagayan State University strives to show its strength despite challenges. The CSU-Bamboo Sanctuary not only provides solace to the soul but envisions a brighter and greener future for all.

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