Philippine Transparency Seal

A pearl buried inside a tightly-shut shell is practically worthless. Government information is a pearl, meant to be shared with the public in order to maximize its inherent value. The Transparency Seal, depicted by a pearl shining out of an open shell, is a symbol of a policy shift towards openness in access to government information. On the one hand, it hopes to inspire Filipinos in the civil service to be more open to citizen engagement; on the other, to invite the Filipino citizenry to exercise their right to participate in governance.

This initiative is envisioned as a step in the right direction towards solidifying the position of the Philippines as the Pearl of the Orient - a shining example for democratic virtue in the region.

I. Mandate, Vision, Mission, and List of Officials

II. Financial Accountability Reports

III. Budget Execution Documents (BEDs) -
Physical Plan, Financial Plan and Annual Procurement Plan

  1. Annual Procurement Plan 2014

  2. Annual Procurement Plan 2016 - University Wide

  3. Annual Procurement Plan 2017 - University Wide

  4. Annual Procurement Plan 2018 - University Wide

  5. APP-CSE 2018 : Annual Procurement Plan for Common-Use Supplies and Equipment
    1. Andrews - APP-CSE 2018
    2. Aparri - APP-CSE 2018
    3. Carig - APP-CSE 2018
    4. Gonzaga - APP-CSE 2018
    5. Lal-lo - APP-CSE 2018
    6. Lasam - APP-CSE 2018
    7. Piat - APP-CSE 2018
    8. Sanchez Mira - APP-CSE 2018

  6. APP-CSE 2019 : Annual Procurement Plan for Common-Use Supplies and Equipment
    1. CSU - APP CSE 2019 - University Wide

  7. APP-CSE : Annual Procurement Plan for Common-Use Supplies and Equipment
    1. CSU - APP CSE 2020- University Wide
    2. CSU - APP CSE 2021- University Wide

  8. Annual Procurement Plan (APP): NON-CSE

  9. Indicative Annual Procurement Plan : NON-CSE

  10. Procurement Monitoring Report

  11. Preparation of PPMP and APP

IV. Certification

V. Performance-Based Bonus (PBB)

VI. Freedom of Information

VII. Citizen's Charter in accordance to RA 11032

VIII. Summary List of Compliant Personnel - Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth (SALN)

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