Admission and Scholarship

Admission Policies

Students shall not be denied admission to the University by reason of race, age, sex, socio-economic status, religion, political affiliation, or ideological conviction provided he is physically and mentally fit.

Admission Requirements

Graduate Level

  1. Undergraduate Transcript of Records
  2. Prescribed weighted average by the college
  3. Passing rate in the admission test (CAT)
  4. Copy of scholarship contract for scholars

Undergraduate Level

Entering freshmen desiring to enroll in any of the degree courses must qualify in the CSU Admission test administered in all the campuses. The following are the requirements:

  1. A passing rate in the CSU Admission Test
  2. Form 138 or HS card
  3. Certificate of Good Moral Character from head of school or guidance counselor
  4. Police clearance and Barangay clearance
  5. Five (5) copies I.D. picture
  6. Birth certificate (photocopy)

For Transfer Students

Students from other institutions of higher learning may be admitted to the University subject to the following rules on academic affairs:

  1. A transfer student shall take the College Admission Test (CAT) if classified first year in the first semester. However, if he has satisfied all the academic requirements for first year, he shall take the qualifying exam (QE).
  2. He must satisfy the weighted average prescribed by the college;
  3. Only comparable basic subjects shall be credited;
  4. He must finish 60% of the total units of his academic degree immediately preceding graduation;
  5. He must submit an honorable dismissal, police clearance, a certification of good moral character, and a referral letter from a previous professor.

For Students with Title and/or Degree

Academic degree from any institution of recognized standing may be enrolled as determined by the College Dean. However, before a student is allowed to major in any discipline, the College Dean/Department Chairman concerned may prescribe additional general education and/or preparatory courses for the mejor field.


Students shall register during such periods as may be allowed in the academic calendar.

Cross registration

Cross registration shall be defined as simultaneous registration with a semester or summer in more than one college within the university or another; provided that for courses offered and accredited in the academic program of the student offered by the different colleges of the university, the permission of the Mother College to register shall be secured.

Cross registration in another college outside the University may be allowed provided that the other college is accredited within the University and subject to the prior permission of the University through the Dean of the Mother College and the Registrar.

Conditions for cross registration are conflict in schedule and non-offering of the subject.

Non-graduating students are allowed to cross register in colleges outside the university provided that cross registration is limited to basic subjects only with the exception of graduating students who may enroll major subjects in accredited schools.

Scholarship grants are provided and all other forms of financial assistance are provided in accordance with pertinent rules and regulations. The following schemes covering scholarship, grants-in-aid, tuition fee discounts, student assistantship and loans are provided.

University-Based Scholarship

  1. Academic Scholarship

  2. In-coming poor but deserving first year students with a grade point average of 90% or better are entitled to a hundred percent free tuition fee and book allowance of P500.00 per semester.

  3. Entrance Scholarship

  4. An entrance scholarship consisting of free tuition fee shall be granted for one semester only to the following students upon their admission to the University:

  5. Undergraduate Students

  6. Valedictorians and salutatorians who are graduates of public and recognized private high schools provided that they come from a graduating class of at least 100 students, to be certified by the head institution;

  7. Graduate Students

  8. College graduates of Colleges and Universities of recognized standing or accredited institutions who were conferred any degree with Latin honors;

    Summa Cum Laude 100% free tuition fee
    Magna Cum Laude 75% free tuition fee
    Cum Laude 50% free tuition fee

    Recipients must have a general weighted average of not less than 1.75 to maintain the scholarship.

  9. University Scholarship

    • Regular 2nd year to 5th year undergraduate students with a weighted average of 1.45 or better with no failing grade may avail of the University scholarship with 100% tuition fee discount provided that he has no incomplete grade or has not dropped ant subject.

    • Graduate/medical/law students with a weighted average of 1.25 or better with no grade lower than 2.5 may avail of the University scholarship with 100% tuition fee discount provided that he has no incomplete grade or has not dropped any subject.

  10. College Scholarship

  11. Regular 2nd year to 5th year undergraduate students currently enrolled in the university who obtain a weighted average of 1.46 - 1.75 at the end of the semester and have no failing grade or incomplete grade in any subject are granted college scholarship with 50% tuition fee discount provided they carry the minimum prescribed load.

  12. Institutional Medical Scholarship Program

  13. Any medical student with a general weighted average of 2.25 or better whose parents receive an annual income of not more than P 250,000.00 as certified by the BIR, and who are willing to render a four-year return service as community doctor in any low- income class municipality of Cagayan and/ or teach in the College of Medicine of this University or serve as University physician/ or resident physician in a district/ municipal hospital immediately after the scholar is licensed to practice medicine, may avail of the scholarship. A recipient must have a maintaining average grade of 2.5 or better.

  14. Grant- in- Aid Scholarship Program

  15. Financially handicapped freshmen students with parents, income of not more than P30, 000.00 per annum as certified by the Bureau of Internal Revenue who belong to the upper 15% of the graduating class with a general weighted average of not less than 85% as certified by the Principal of the school where they have graduated can avail of the 100% free tuition fee. Recipients must maintain a general weighted average of not less than 2.0 with no grades below 3.0 in order to keep the scholarship.

  16. CSU Kaagapay sa Kinabukasan Program

  17. This program caters to the poorest of the poor students irrespective of the course enrolled in the university who are willing to work as student aides during Saturdays and Sundays or during their free time with 50%- 100% tuition fee discounts aside from the work pay received.

  18. Socio-Cultural Study Grant

    • Active members of the CSU Choir are granted 100% tuition fee discount.
    • Active members of the University Dance Troupe are granted 100% tuition fee discount.

  19. Athletic Study Grant

  20. Outstanding Palarong Pambansa and/ or national athletes during the past school year are granted 100% tuition fee discount while 50% discount of tuition fee is granted to outstanding athletes who have been qualified in Regional PRISSAA/ SCUAA or CAVRAA meets and who won a championship in their individual or team events as certified by the Director of Human Kinetics.

  21. Faculty Personnel Study Grant

  22. The University extends free tuition fee to children of faculty and administrative personnel enrolled in the University. A maximum of two (2) legitimate single children beneficiaries per faculty or personnel shall enjoy the privilege at a time. In case both husband and wife are connected with the University, they are limited to a maximum of two (2) legitimate children beneficiaries at a time. Children beneficiaries must carry the prescribed load. Poor scholastic performance shall require review of scholarship privileges, however, consistent failure would cause the termination of scholarship privilege; The beneficiary must not be more than 21 years old if he/she is pursuing a baccalaureate degree. Children beneficiaries pursuing post baccalaureate degree shall avail of a 50% tuition fee discount.

  23. Journalism Scholarship

  24. The editor- in- chief of The CSU Communicator, official student publication of the university is granted a 100% discount in tuition fee, likewise active members of the editorial staff of the university publication are granted a 50% tuition fee discount.

  25. University Student Government (USG)/ Campus Student Government (CSG) Study Grant

  26. The following Elective Officers are given discount in tuition fee:

    President 100% tuition fee discount
    Vice-President 75% tuition fee discount
    Senators/Governors 50% tuition fee discount

    Government Scholarship Program

    1. Higher Education Development Program (HEDP)/ National Scholarship Program (RSP)

    2. All qualified students who meet the requirements set by the Commission on Higher Education.

    3. State Scholarship Program (SSP)

    4. The SSP was established by virtue of RA 4090, otherwise known as the State Scholarship Law, for poor but deserving students who belong to the top ten of the graduating class in High School and who intend to enroll in priority courses in selected higher education instructions. Applicants should not be more than 25 years old at the time of application to the program. Their parents/guardians must have a combined gross annual income of not more than PhP120,000.00.

    5. Selected Ethnic Group Educational Assistance Program (SEGEAP)

    6. The SEGEAP is the PANAMIN scholarship program that was transferred to the DECS through a Memorandum of Agreement duly signed by both Secretaries of the PANAMIN and DECS on July 30, 1977. This study grant can be availed of by members of the who are poor but belonging to the upper 15% of the graduating class in high school excluding non-indigenous people have leadership potentials, and intend to enroll in priority courses in selected.

    7. National Integration Study Grant Program (NISGP)

    8. The NISGP was established by virtue of PD 193 on May 15, 1973 for the members of the cultural minority groups who are poor but belong to the upper 15% of the graduating class in high school excluding non-indigenous people and who intend to enroll in priority courses in selected HEI’s. Applicants should not be more than 25 years old at the time of application and their parents/guardians must have a gross annual income of not more than PhP 120,000.00.

    9. DND-CHED-PASUC Scholarship Program

    10. The Department of National Defense-Commission on Higher Education-Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges (DND-CHED-PASUC) Memorandum of Agreement [MOA] dated 22 March 2004 provides educational benefits to children of military personnel in order to contribute to the enhancement of our soldiers will to fight by ensuring his children's education. This Scholarship Program applies only to the legitimate/ legitimated children of Killed in Action (KIA), Complete Disability Discharge- Combat Related (CDD-CR), and Active military personnel who are below 21 years of age at the beginning of the school year when they seek enrollment.

    11. DOST-SEI Scholarship Program

    12. The Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) Undergraduate Scholarship shall award scholarship slots, subject to availability of funds, to college students, who belong to families with total family annual income of P120, 000.00 or less, and who are currently enrolled in any of the institutions and DOST priority courses.

    13. Cagayan Provincial Government Assistance Program (CPGAP)

    14. This Program is open to financially needy but determined and deserving students enrolled in the different degree program courses offered by various Colleges and University in the province that are accredited by the Provincial Scholarship Board, provided that students meet the requirements set by the Provincial Scholarship Board.

    15. Pres. Diosdado Macapagal Agrarian Scholarship Program(PMASP)

    16. The scholarship program is applicable to all qualified dependents of Agrarian Reform Board (ARBs) in all municipalities, provinces and regions of the country where there is CARP being implemented. Qualified ARBs should be CLOA holders, either as amortizing owners, hire workers of a commercial farm placed under the coverage of CARP or Agricultural lessees duly registered with DLR. On the other hand, qualified dependents may either the sons/daughters/grandchildren/wards of ARBs who are the legal guardians of the applicants. For this purpose only one (1) family member of an ARB will be qualified to become a grantee of the scholarship program.

    17. AVE- PASUC Scholarship Grant

    18. The program is open to sophomore students taking up Science and Technology related courses and who come from a family with an aggregate monthly income of not more than P8, 000. 00 and with a weighted average of at least 2.0 and grades no lower than 2.5 can avail of the grant.

    19. Barangay Study Grant Program

    20. All qualified and deserving children of the punong barangay, sangguniang barangay officials, barangay treasurer, barangay secretary who are currently enrolled in the university shall be exempted from payment of tuition fee while enrolled in the public tertiary schools, including state colleges and universities. To qualify for the privilege, the said recipient/s shall enroll in the state college or university within or nearest their area of jurisdiction and must not incurred a failing grades from his/her subjects. The study grant program shall be limited to a maximum of two (2) legitimate children.

    21. Barangay Health Worker Scholarship Grant

    22. Any qualified and deserving child of Barangay Health Worker who is currently enrolled in the University shall be exempted from payment of tuition fee. Only one child of an accredited Barangay Health Worker shall be entitled to such privilege, provided that he/she meets the requirements of the scholarship program.

    23. Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Study Grant

    24. The Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) chairmen and other officials during their incumbency shall be exempted from payment of tuition fee. To qualify for the privilege, an SK Official must not incur a failing grade from his/her subjects.

    25. Local Government Unit

    26. All qualified students who meet the requirements set by the sponsoring Local Government Unit.

    Private Scholarship Program

    1. Babaran Scholarship Foundation

    2. It shall be made available to students in accordance with the requirements set by its benefactors, Engr. & Mrs. Romeo Babaran.

    3. JOLLIBEE Aral- Kabuhayan Scholarship Program

    4. This program is designed to aid in nation building by providing an affordable but high quality tertiary education to pre- qualified students (Aral Program) and a training venue (Kabuhayan Program) to develop their values and attitudes towards productive work, leadership qualities and promote rapport and desirable interpersonal relations. Recipients of this program are granted free tuition and miscellaneous fees aside from work pay.

    Requirements for Scholarship

    To be eligible for a scholarship, a student must:

    • carry the regular load in accordance with the curriculum he/she is enrolled in;
    • take all non-academic courses such as Physical Education and National Service Training Program;
    • have no grade of “Inc.” or “5.0”;
    • have not dropped a subject except in cases of illness or conflict of subjects.

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