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ACM ICPC Philippine Invitational-Northern Luzon Multi-Provincial Programming Contest

It is our great pleasure to invite your school to participate in the 2014 ACM ICPC Philippines Multi-Provincial Programming Contest dubbed as ACM ICPC Northern Luzon. This event is a team collegiate programming competition among, but not limited to, students in the Northern Luzon region. Each team consists of three (3) currently enrolled college (undergraduate) students and a coach (faculty). Contestants may use either C, C++ or Java and should know the PC contest software. Contestants should be officially endorsed by the department chairman or dean of the school. The contest shall follow the prestigious ACM ICPC Contest format.Read more...

CSU to host national workshop on materials development, action research
By: Ian Roger M. Francisco, CSU Carig Communications Office
The Cagayan State University (CSU) Carig and Andrews Campuses in cooperation with the Cornerstone of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Publishing will sponsor two national workshops in April this year. The first is the National Seminar-Workshop on Materials Development on April 15-17, 2013, while the second is the National Seminar-Workshop on Doing Action Research on April 22-24, 2013. Read more...

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