Aparri Campus

The municipality of Aparri is at the Northern Part of Cagayan along the coast where the Cagayan River and the Babuyan Channel meet. The Cagayan State University - Aparri Campus, occupying 42.2116 hectares, is situated at Barangay Maura, two kilometers eastern part of the poblacion. This institution started as Secondary School of Fisheries under the direct administrative supervision of the Commissioner of the Philippines Fisheries Commission, Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources, with an authorized appropriation of P50,000.00, provided in the Republic Act 685 which was enacted by the congress of the Philippines on May 9,1592.

A plan was formulated to establish the Aparri School of Fisheries by which local officials made proper representation to authorities to put up the school.

Now, the campus has seven colleges namely: College of Business, Entrepreneurship and Accountancy; College of Criminal Justice Administration; College of Fisheries and Marine Science; College of Hospitality Industry Management; College of Industrial Technology; College of Computing Sciences; and College of Teacher Education.

This campus has grown quite enormously because of the zero tuition scheme and tremendous infrastructure development.



Simeon R. Rabanal Jr., PhD

Campus Executive Officer

Loraine P. Abuyuan, MA

Campus Chief of Staff

Jhunrey C. Ordiso, MSIT

Bids and Awards Secretariat

Ma. Angelita S. Rabanal, PhD

Campus Planning and Development Officer and Auxiliary Services Coordinator

Arlene D. Talosa, MA

Campus MIS Coordinator and Information Officer

Corazon T. Talamayan, PhD


OIC- Campus Academic Coordinator and College Dean, College of Information and Computing Sciences

Tito A. Orteza, PhD

General Services Coordinator and Solid Waste Management Coordinator

Sally Jane A. Cabalbag, PhD


Campus Coordinator for Partnership & Business and Resource Mobilization

Lenimfa P. Molina, PhD

Campus Coordinator for Research

Quirino G. Pascua, MFt

Campus Extension Coordinator

Billy Javier, DIT


Campus KTM Coordinator and Campus MIS Focal Person

Estela L. Dirain, DIT

Campus Student Development and Welfare Coordinator and Student Scholarship Coordinator

Patrocinio L. Abad, Jr., MA

College Dean, College of Business Entrepreneurship and Accountancy

Raschil M. Battung, MSHM

College Dean, College of Hospitality and Industry Management

Rolly A. Acidera, PhD

College Dean, College of Teacher Education

Margarito B. Ballad, PhD

College Dean, College of Industrial Technology

Eunice A. Layugan, PhD

College Dean, College of Fisheries and Marine Science

Daryl Don P. Taguba, PhD

College Dean, College of Criminal Justice Administration

Antonio C. Cabalbag, PhD

Dean, Graduate School& BAC Chair

Kathlyn A. Mata, PhD


Campus Training and Faculty Scholarship Officer

Nancy E. Doniego, PhD

Campus Budget Officer

Minerva M. Galabay, MS

Campus TVET Coordinator

Gladys G. Delos Angeles, PhD

Campus IM Development Coordinator

Matilde L. Malana, PhD

Campus Quality Assurance Coordinator

Maxima T. Sanchez, PhD

Campus GAD Focal Person

Jesty S. Agoto, MIT

Campus Alumni and Placement Coordinator

Dietelinda S. Andres, PhD

CHM TESDA/TVET focal Person

Lito D. Mape, PhD

Campus Sports Coordinator and Disaster Risks Reduction Management Officer

Eleanor Canonizado, MA

Campus Socio-cultural Coordinator

Mark John M. Tamanu, PhD

Campus Publication Adviser

Shirley S. Quinto, PhD

Food Services Coordinator

Rexcel B. Braceros, PhD

Campus Student Government Adviser

Thelma S. Orteza, MA

NSTP Coordinator

Eusebio S.  Sarmiento

Building Repair/Infrastructure Coordinator


1Alamin, Antonio A.Associate Professor I
2Bangi, Helen P.Professor I
3Cariño, Kelhveen S.Instructor I
4Culasing, Romeo D.Professor VI
5Culasing, Carmencita L.Professor VI
6De Peralta, Glycinea M.Instructor I
7Del Rosario, Ernesto Jr. S.Instructor I
8Layugan, Eunice A.Professor IV
9Liwanag, Mercedita A.Associate Professor I
10Manuel, Gwyn V.Instructor I
11Urmeneta, Wilma S.Associate Professor IV
12Ballad, Margarito B.Assistant Professor III
13Delos Angeles, Marie Ann Gladys G.Associate Professor I
14Dumlao, Alexis E.Associate Profesor I
15Lacambra, Cirilo P.Instructor I
16Macatuggal, Marivic R.Assistant Professor II
17Mape, Lito D.Instructor I
18Romina, Arnold F.Instructor III
19Camarao, Keithly Ann T.Instructor I
20Dabbay, Jocelyn K.Assistant Professor lll
21Galabay, Minerva M.Instructor II
22Lacambra, Marisa B.Assistant Professor II
23Pascua, Marites C.Assistant Professor IV
24Rabanal, Ma. Angelita S.Assistant Professor IV
25Rabanal, Simeon R.Professor IV
26Remigio, Ma. Theresa R.Associate Professor V
27R ivera, Shailanie V.Instructor I
28Sumer, Jasmin M.Instructor I
29Sy, Marites U.Assistant Professor IV
30Sy, Joseph B.Instructor I
31Talosa, Arlene D.Instructor I
32Utanes, Nargloric C.Instructor II
33Agoto, Jesty S.Instructor I
34Agpalza, James Karl A.Instructor I
35Babas, Julieta B.Instructor I
36Dirain, Estela L.Instructor III
37Javier, Billy S.Associate Professor III
38Lañojan, Emerito A.Instructor II
39Lingan, Charito C.Associate Professor I
40Ontiveros, Khadija Xynetida P.Instructor I
41Ordioso, Jhunrey C.Instructor II
42Orteza, Thelma S.Assistant Professor IV
43Paliuanan, Leo P.Instructor I
44Talamayan, Corazon T.Associate Professor II
45Valencia, Crizmark S.Instructor I
46Acidera, Rolly A.Instructor I
47Andres, Dietelinda S.Assistant Professor IV
48Battung, Raschil M.Instructor I
49Braceros, Rexcel B.Instructor I
50Cabalbag, Sally Jane A.Associate Professor V
51Cortes, Cristina A.Associate Professor V
52Gapero, Marry Ann T.Instructor I
53Garceron, Corazon T.Associate Professor I
54Licopit, Diana Grace C.Instructor I
55Molina, Lenimfa P.Associate Professor III
56Quinto, Shirley S.Instructor I
57Velasco, Milagros L.Associate Professor IV
58Ventura, Lorence E.Assistant Professor II
59Abad, Patrocinio Jr. L.Assistant Professor I
60Cabalbag, Antonio C.Associate Professor V
61Canonizado, Eleanor D.Associate Professor II
62Dela Cruz, Senador V.Instructor I
63Doniego, Nancy E.Assistant Professor II
64Mata, Kathlyn A.Instructor I
65Mendoza, Venuz Luz O.Instructor I
66Ocampo, Remalyn A.lnstrcutor I
67Orteza, Tito A.Associate Professor IV
68Palattao, Natividad P.Associate Professor III
69Pasion, Ligaya C.Instructor I
70Sambu, Norma O.Associate Professor IV
71Sanchez, Maxima T.Associate Professor V
72Abuyuan, Loraine P.Instructor I
73Coballes, Jennifer D.Instructor I
74Cudal, Teodolfo M.Associate Professor I
75Ferrer, Oliver G.Instructor I
76Malana, Matilde L.Associate Professor V
77Orenze, Hermilinda P.N/A
78Taguba, Daryl Don P.Instructor I

Colleges College Dean - Name
Graduate School Antonio C. Cabalbag, Ph.D
College of Criminal Justice Education Dr. Teodolfo Cudal
College of Business, Entrepreneurship and Accountancy Patrocinio L. Abad, Jr., CPA, MBA
College of Hospitality Management Prof. Rachil M. Battung
College of Industrial Technology Dr. Margarito B. Ballad
College of Information and Computing Science Dr. Corazon T. Tamalayan
College of Teacher Education Dr. Marites Pascua
College of Fisheries Dr. Eunice A. Layugan

Undergraudate Program

Courses Type Level
(Accreditation Status)
Bachelor of Science in Fisheries Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology (Old) Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Accounting Information Science (New) Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Elementary Education Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Secondary Education Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Industry Management (Old) Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (New) Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Criminology Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology Baccalaureate

Graduate Program

Courses Type Level
(Accreditation Status)
Doctor of Philosophy in Education Doctorate
Master of Arts in Education Master's
Master of Science in Teaching Master's
Master of Information Technology Master's

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  • Email: csuaparri@gmail.com

Campus Development Plan

Dr. Simeon R. Rabanal.

Campus Executive Officer

Fisheries Industry

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