RDE Thrusts and Priorities

RDE Thematic Areas

Within the foregoing context, RDE at CSU will be conducted with strategic local, regional, national and international partners on the following themes:

Food Security, Self-sufficiency and Safety - This thematic area will respond to the country’s quest for sustainable food security, self-sufficiency and safety. Cagayan being a major food producer and considering the country’s vulnerability to natural calamities and disasters, it is important for people to be assured of available, adequate, affordable and safe food on their table.

Climate Change - The Philippines is experiencing warming temperatures brought about by climate change, most especially in the northern and southern regions. These regions (northern Luzon and Mindanao) have also warmed the most and have dried the most. As climate change significantly affects agriculture and the environment, the National Climate Change Action Plan dealing with mitigation, adaptation, technology exchange and resource sharing will guide CSU’s RDE work on this theme. Considering that climate change will impact the present and future scenarios, a strategic and holistic RDE approach will be pursued.

Environmental Resource Management - The thrust of this theme is to maintain and improve the state of environmental resources affected by human activities (i.e., the interaction and impact of communities on the environment) and climate change. Environmental issues that affect the land, air and water will also be studied. RDE on environmental resource management will ensure that ecosystem services are protected and maintained for equitable use and also maintain ecosystem integrity for future generations.

Human Health and Nutrition - Sound health is fundamental to human life, meeting basic needs and contributing to a productive life. In developing countries like the Philippines, hunger and health risks are aggravated by extreme poverty. Disease and malnutrition are mostly attributable to unsafe water, poor sanitation and hygiene. Many communicable diseases are emerging, so the country has to be prepared with appropriate medication, vaccines and diagnostic kits that are available and affordable to the poor.

Disaster Risk Reduction and Management - This theme will find out ways and means by which communities and local governments can identify, assess and reduce the risks of natural disasters. RDE along this area will help communities reduce socio-economic vulnerabilities to disasters as well as dealing with the environmental and other hazards that trigger them. The shift from prevention and mitigation to preparedness mode in disaster risk management requires a lot of research not only in policy formulation, community development and public awareness but also in hard science (e.g. forecasting, structural engineering, etc.).

Sustainable Renewable Energy Sources - Increasing the percentage of indigenous renewable energy source into the national energy mix will not only result in dollar saving, and protection of the environment but more importantly, ensuring energy security. The search, development and exploitation of renewable energy sources will involve a multidisciplinary approach.

Emerging Technologies - Emerging technologies are technical innovations on progressive developments within a field for competitive advantage, representing previously distinct fields which are moving towards convergence. These are indispensable in propelling the country to sustainable agro-industrial development. Currently emerging technologies include biotechnology, information technology, nanotechnology, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Social Sciences - Being concerned with society and human nature, the social sciences cut across disciplines and has a pivotal role in societal growth and development. In the context of CSU’s RDE programs, the social sciences will cover socio-economics, entrepreneurship, higher education and law and governance.

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