Carig Campus

Cagayan State University - Carig Campus is located on a 19.8 - hectare land area which houses seven (7) colleges offering 24 undergraduate programs in the arts, agriculture, natural sciences, and technology. These programs are continually improving by undergoing series of accreditation and quality control- a proof that CSU-Carig stands firm to its vision of transforming the lives of Cagayanos and the Filipinos at large by educating for the best. To date, CSU-Carig remains to be progressive in responding to national and international standards. It has several breakthroughs to infrastructure development and will continue to build more state-of-the-art laboratories and classrooms to equip our graduate the necessary competencies needed to compete in the national and global arena. In fact, CSU-Carig has five (5) research centers for science and technology, public administration, and sport and wellness. The presence of these research centers shall significantly provide practical and meaningful learning experiences to our students. It has also been placed in the top performing schools in the nation in professional examinations. CSU-Carig is also the home of the best athletes and artists in the region. It has been consistent in sending athletes to national sports competitions and artists in national culture and the arts festivals representing the whole region.

In CSU-Carig you get quality education by providing you meaningful learning experiences. It endeavors a bold commitment to develop well-rounded graduates ready in the workplace.



Arthur G. Ibañez

Campus Executive Officer

Rosemarie Cabaña

Campus Chief of Staff

Campus Information Officer

Peter Paul Valdepeñas

Campus Instructional Media Coordinator

Charmie S. Calvo

Campus GAD Focal Person

Campus TVET Coordinator

Anderson Gonzales

Program Internationalization Coordinator,

Campus CDIO Coordinator, and

College of Engineering Internationalization Coordinator

Virgil Vaughn Pico

Management Information System Coordinator &

PBB Campus Coordinator

Oliver Doctolero

Campus Instructional Materials Development Coordinator

College of Engineering Instructional Materials Development Coordinator/QAA/College Student Government Adviser

Planning Office


Rachel Miguel

Campus International & Local Quality Assurance Coordinator

Mac Giovanni Lagundi

Campus Administrative Officer & concurrent

Campus Planning Coordinator


Roger P. Rumpon

Campus Head, Admin & Finance

Admin Services


Ernesto D. Marallag

Campus Infrastructure Coordinator

Francisco A. Antonio

Campus Buildings and Grounds Coordinator

Jona A. Cambri

Campus HRTS Coordinator

Bryan T. Lacambra

In-Charge Motorpool & TWG-Mechanical Equipment

Department Chair, Technology

Nenita Manding

Campus Records Officer

Auxiliary Services


Noelyn Bernal

Campus Physician

Federica N. Gonzales

Campus Food Services Coordinator &

Campus National Greening Program Coordinator

Arlen B. Calimag

Campus Coordinator for Auxiliary Services

Irene Ayque

Campus Dentist


Ma. Haidee A. Mabborang

Campus Head, Academic Affairs &

Campus AACCUP Coordinator

Audy Quebral

Dean, College of Engineering

Jane Sambrana

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Maricel Campañano

Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine

Dennis Bacuyag

Dean, College of Public Administration

Generino Siddayao

Dean, College of Information & Computing Sciences

Aurelio Caldez

Dean, College of Industrial Technology

Chita Ramos

Dean, College of Human Kinetics

Edison D. Bravo

Campus Registrar

Rogelio G. Bangayan

Campus Student Development & Welfare Coordinator & Campus Publication Adviser

Giovanni C. Morales

Campus Sports Coordinator

Juliet Caliguiran

Campus NSTP Coordinator

Ferdinand C. Mercado

Campus Socio-Cultural Coordinator

Eduardo Carag

Campus ROTC Coordinator

Sylvia Leigh Quigao

Campus Guidance Coordinator

Elvis M. Estuesta

Campus Librarian

Magnolia Reyes

Dean, College of Medicine –January 1 to May 31, 2020

Noelyn O. Bernal

Dean, College of Medicine – Eff. June 1, 2020


Policarpio L. Mabborang Jr.

Campus Head, RDE

Ruth N. Maguddayao

Campus Research Coordinator and

Campus Knowledge & Technology Management

Jennelyn E. Acupan

Campus Extension Coordinator &

Campus Special Projects Coordinator

1Agatep, Emely E.Associate Professor II
2Anastacio , Jesus M.Instructor I
3Antonio, Francisco S.Associate Professor III
4Balagan, Maribi Maria. Benita E.Associate Professor III
5Bautista, Babilyn C.Instructor I
6Biag, Rachel D.Instructor Ill
7Binarao, Crizaldy P.Associate Professor I
8Borja, Mary Joy A.Assistant Professor IV
9Caronan, Charisse C.Assistant Professor II
10Casibang, Joel S.Assistant Professor III
11Catulin, Andy L.Associate Professor II
12Cauilan, Ana Marie C.Associate Professor V
13Cauilan, Ludivina P.Associate Professor IV
14Chua, Melinda M.Assistant Professor II
15Conrado, Vilma D.Associate Professor IV
16Dangani, Helen Pa.Instructor I
17Dayag, Flora T.Professor IV
18Dimalanta, Theresa B.Professor III
19Garan, Lina M.Professor III
20Gaspar, Samuel E.Associate Professor V
21Gonzales, Federica N.Assistant Professor III
22Lara, Kristine Joyce A.Assistant Professor III
23Lavadia, Michael B.Instructor I
24Mamba, Maria T.Assistant Professor IV
25Mangawil, Lirio Gudina C.Professor III
26Manuel, Jamel B.Associate Professor II
27Maribbay, Ricky C.Instructor I
28Miguel, Chirbet A.Assistant Professor III
29Narisma, Natalie B.Instructor I
30Oliquiano, Arthur O.Assistant Professor III
31Paat, Danilo B.Assistant Professor IV
32Padua, Patrianne M.Instructor I
33Ramboanga, Ester B.Associate Professor III
34Rodriguez, Jan Justin C.Instructor I
35Sambrana, Jane R.Associate Professor V
36Sebaste, Virgilio L.Assistant Professor IV
37Taguinod, Assumpta Clarissa R.Assistant Professor I
38Tamayao, Jerome U.Instructor I
39Tanguilan, Madel B.Instructor I
40Tapiru, Divina B.Assistant Professor I
41Torio, Erwin C.Instructor I
42Turaray, Janet C.Assistant Professor II
43Tuscano, Jocelyn D.Professor VI
44Umengan, Maryjane T.Associate Professor I
46Abaleta, Gladys B.Assistant Professor I
47Agpaoa , Marygrace T.Instructor I
48Alar, Michelle H.Instructor III
49Balisi, Larra Mae R.Instructor I
50Baricaua, Esmer C.Assistant Professor II
51Baricaua, Rosalie T.Instructor II
52Bas-ong, Josephine Y.Associate Professor VI
53Bautista, Ana Claire L.Instructor I
54Baylon, Ray Kim M.Instructor I
55Bicera, George Jr. R.Instructor III
56Bravo, Edison D.Associate Professor II
57Buenaobra, Iluminada S.Assistant Professor II
58Calimag, Arlen B.Assistant Professor II
59Calvo, Charmie S.Instructor Ill
60Capili, Manny R.Assistant Professor I
61Dumayag, Dexter P.Instructor II
62Escobar, Delia Theresa C.Instructor I
63Guiyab, Rovina S.Instructor I
64Guzman, Danniver R.Instructor I
65Jaminola, Fernando M.Instructor I
66Mangussad, Kristoffer C.Assistant Professor I
67Marcos, Maria Bernadette S.Instructor I
68Masirag, Roderick M.Instructor I
69Mendoza, Mark Anthony R.Instructor I
70Nadal, Generose D.Instructor II
71Oli, Mario C.Assistant Professor II
72Pagador, Rolando A.Instructor II
73Paned, John Wendell R.Instructor I
74Pelovello, Natalio G.Instructor I
75Pico, Virgil Vaughn J.Instructor I
76Reyes, Norlizah T.Instructor III
77Seguro, Ivonne Q.Instructor I
78Siddayao, Generino P.Associate Professor III
79Taguba, Charito B.Assistant Professor III
80Valdepeñas, Peter Paul G.Instructor III
81Alejo, Josephine D.Associate Professor III
82Angelito, Grace A.Assistant Professor III
83Bacuyag, Dennis M.Professor I
84Binasoy, Joel P.Instructor I
85Cabaña, Rosemarie B.Instructor I
86Elizaga, Jennelyn B.Instructor I
87Sibal, Corazon A.Associate Professor I
88Siniguian, Marlon T.Assistant Professor II
89Miguel, JanetteInstructor I
90Addun, Beverly M.Assistant Professor III
91Arao, Hans Freyzer B.Instructor I
92Bayani, Jay-RInstructor I
93Buguina, Jay M.Instructor I
94Camacam, Jose Aureo C.Instructor I
95Cambri, Jona A.Instructor I
96Carag, Eduardo A.Associate Professor V
97Casauay, Daniel T.Instructor I
98Dayag, Maricel L.Instructor I
99Factora, Magnolia L.Instructor I
100Florentino, Marites S.Instructor Ill
101Francisco, Ian Roger M.Associate Professor IV
102Galindon, Gretchen Marie C.Instructor II
103Mercado, Ferdinand C.Instructor II
104Morales, Giovanni C.Instructor I
105Nozaleda, Bryan M.Instructor I
106Ramos, Chita C.Professor I
107Salvador, German B.Associate Professor I
108Tuliao, Robin Darwin B.Instructor II
109Bassig, Bryan Jerome R.Instructor I
110Calagui, Roel T.Assistant Professor Iv
111Calonia, Kenji C.Instructor I
112Calumag, Karmina FayeInstructor I
113Campanano , MariceL F.Assistant Professor IV
114Cruz, Kathlyn B.Associate Professor III
115Gismundo, Wilfred D.Associate Professor V
116Santos, Mary Ann M.Instructor I
117Sta Maria, Cyrille Laiza S.Instructor I
118Tabil, John Michael U.Instructor I
119Afidchao, Pablo M.Associate Professor V
120Abraham, Ramon Shamon R.Associate Professor IV
121Bernal, Noelyn O.Associate Professor III
122Agana, LeonardInstructor I
123Agatep, Denn A.Assistant Professor II
124Aresta, Melchor B.Asssociate Professor IV
125Bisuecos, Bernard D.Instructor III
126Cabalbag, Joseph R.Assistant Professor II
127Cabildo, James B.Associate Professor II
128Cagumbay, Oliver P.Instructor I
129Gamma, Raiza B.Instructor I
130Capili, Cristopher R.Assistant Professor II
131Casibang, John Michael B.Instructor I
132Corpuz, AngelicaInstructor I
133Dela Cruz, EdmundInstructor I
134Doctolero, Oliver J.Assistant Professor III
135Estiller, Ralph Angelo B.Instructor I
136Gonzales, Anderson G.Instructor III
137Guzman, Junel B.Professor I
138Ibanez, Arthur G.Professor IV
139Ibanez, Mark AnthonyInstructor I
140Laggui, Narcisa C.Assistant Professor III
141Lasam, Magelyn T.Associate Professor V
142Llapitan, Caesar P.Assistant Professor III
143Mabborang, Haidee A.Associate Professor III
144Mabborang, Policarpio L.Associate Professor V
145Macabangon, Cyrus Kelly A.Instructor I
146Maguddayao, Ruth N.Assistant Professor III
147Mallillin, Eulogio NeilInstructor II
148Marallag, Ernesto D.Associate Professor III
149Martin, Buencamino C.Associate Professor III
150Martinez, Karl IanInstructor I
151Oñate, Rose Jean B.Instructor II
152Orpilla, MichaelInstructor I
153Padulip, John H.Instructor I
154Pagulayan, Ian C.Instructor I
155Paned, Melody S.Assistant Professor II
156Patricio, Arlene C.Instructor I
157Petingco, Marvin C.Assistant Professor III
158Policar, Denis V.Assistant Professor IV
159Quebral, Audy R.Associate Professor II
160Rivera, Luke Mark P.Instructor I
161Rumpon, Roger PascuaAssociate Professor III
162Sales, Ma. Nina Dioceth P.Instructor I
163Sta. Tomas, RezelInstructor I
164Sumer, NikkiInstructor I
165Talosig, Jowell JohnInstructor I
166Tenedor, Monico U.Associate Professor IV
167Tuliao, Theresa Lean R.Instructor I
168Tumaliuan, Pinky C.Assistant Professor IV
169Udaundo, Leonora C.Assistant Professor III
170Valencia, May Anne C.Instructor I
171Abel, Decel T.Instructor I
172Acupan, Jennilyn E.Associate Professor II
173Alfilier, ChristinaAssistant Professor III
174Ancheta, Cristina M.Associate Professor V
175Arao, Benjamin B.Professor I
176Arao, Benjamin Jr. A.Instructor I
177Arao, Romeo M.Assistant Professor III
178Arcangel, Rosaida M.Instructor III
179Austria, Ma. KrischenInstructor I
180Baculi, Marlene A.Professor III
181Bangayan, Rogelio G.Associate Professor III
182Borja, Francisco Jr. M.Instructor II
183Caldez, Aurelio C.Associate Professor II
184Caliguiran, Juliet B.Associate Professor I
185Calimag, Pedro B.Assistant Professor III
186Daliuag, Fil-Gina Marie C.Assistant Professor IV
187Duldulao Fernando Jr. A.Instructor III
188Dumlao, Agustin C.Associate Professor V
189Flores, Eva N.Professor IV
190Furigay, Lamberto B.Assistant Professor I
191Garinggan, Rolie D.Assistant Professor II
192Guiliano, Silverio JulianAssociate Professor I
193Lacambra, Bryan T.Instructor I
194Lacambra, Marisol P.Assistant Professor III
195Lappay, Ana Marie A.Instructor I
196Macababbad, Manuela M.Assistant Professor I
197Madrigo, Philip V.Instructor I
198Manablug, Vilword F.Instructor I
199Pammitan, Rio Averil C.Instructor I
200Paredes, Roger T.Assistant Professor IV
201Pellovello, Juliet P.Instructor I
202Querubin, Florence P.Instructor I
203Rodriguez, Harold D.Instructor I
204Ruiz, Visitacion l.Assistant Professor I
205Sedano, Mary Jane G.Instructor I
206Soriano, MarigoldInstructor I
207Taguibao, Wilma L.Associate Professor V
208Tannagan, Albino B.Associate Professor IV
209Telan, Gerald D.Instructor I
210Valerozo, JohnmelInstructor III
211Verbo, Reynaldo C.Instructor I
Colleges College Dean - Name
Graduate School Dr. Dennis Bacuyag
College of Information and Computing Sciences Generino P. Siddayao, D.I.T.
College of Industrial Technology Dr. Aurelio C. Caldez
College of Public Administration Dr. Dennis M. Bacuyag
College of Engineering Engr. Audy R. Quebral
College of Human Kinetics Dr. Chita C. Ramos
College of Medicine Ramon Shamon R. Abraham, M.D.
College of Veterinary Medicine Maricel F. Campanano, DVD
College of Arts and Sciences Jane R. Sambrana, Ph.D.

Undergraduate Program

Courses Type Level
(Accreditation Status)
Doctor of Medicine Post Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Bio System Engineering (New) Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Public Administration Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Physical Education Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Sciences (New) Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Biology Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Physics Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Psychology Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Guidance and Counseling Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Arts in Economics Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Arts in Communication (New) Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Arts in English Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Arts in English Language Studies Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Commercial Communication Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
major in Animation and Game Development (Old)
Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Arts (New) Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology Baccalaureate
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Baccalaureate

Graduate Program

Courses Type Level
(Accreditation Status)
Doctor of Public Administration Doctorate
Doctor of Philosophy in Psyschology Doctorate
Master in Public Administration Master's
Master of Arts in Psyschology Master's
Master of Arts in Guidance and Counseling Master's
Master of Science in Information Technology Master's
Master in Information Technology Master's
Master of Arts and Physical Education Master's

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Campus Development Plan

Dr. Arthur G. Ibañez

Campus Executive Officer

Food Industry Innovation and Metal Industry

Contact Us

  • Caritan Sur, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan Valley 3500

  • Phone: (078) 844-0098/0099 Loc. 122

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