Andrews Campus

CSU Andrews is the seat of the university governance. Formerly known as CSU Caritan, this campus is where the University President holds office and where the different central administrative offices in instruction, research and extension and production are located.

It prides itself in its outstanding performance in the board examinations for medical technologists, respiratory therapist, lawyers, certified public accountants and licensed teachers. Now with 53 programs accredited and visited by the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) and an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified, CSU Andrews houses the Graduate School, College of Law, College of Hospitality Industry Management, College of Teacher Education, College of Business and Entrepreneurship Administration and College of Allied Health Sciences.

The second largest campus in terms of student population and faculty and personnel, this campus is the former Cagayan Trade School (CTS) and the Cagayan Valley College of Arts and Trades (CVCAT), which today, has transformed into a dynamic and globally competent campus offering the most subscribed academic programs to local and international students.

1Lasam, Norman Clarence T.Associate Professor Ill
2Guillermo, Romeo G.Associate Professor Ill
3Molina, Mat J.Associate Professor Ill
4Addun, Rowena N.Associate Professor I
5Asuncion, Jay Emmanuel L.lnstructor I
6Barsabal, Hilaria M.Assistant Professor IV
7Battung, Salvador S.Assistant Professor IV
8Cabalza, Rosalia B.Assistant Professor IV
9Cadatal, Loreta M.Assistant Professor I
10Canapi, Jake B.lnstructor I
11Capili, Julius T.Professor II
12Cauilan, Rafael Pablo D.Associate Professor I
13Chua, Ann P.lnstructor I
14Diesta, Jocelyn S.Assistant Professor Ill
15Guiquing, Ferdinand L.lnstructor I
16Hipolito, Krisha Anne A.lnstructor I
17Magora, Reymel B.lnstructor I
18Mallabo, Lily Ann C.lnstructor I
19Mangada, Ethel Marie M.lnstructor I
20Martinez, Ma. Nancy T.lnstructor II
21Pacquing, Nikko Alexander S.lnstructor I
22PareI, Gail Ann C.lnstructor I
23Ramirez Jr., Ramelo B.Associate Professor IV
24Regala, Jack M.lnstructor I
25Sabatin, Dorina D.Assistant Professor I
26Sagun, Edwin L.lnstructor I
27Chua, Jinky Marie T.lnstructor I
28Villaluz, Vilma T.lnstructor I
29Zamora, Gina M.Assistant Professor IV
30Israel, Jay Andrea Vea D.Instructor I
31Rimban, Erwin L.Instructor I
32Luyun, Jennifer L.Instructor I
33Agustin, Chona P.Associate Professor I
34Alegado, Jaypee G.lnstructor II
35Alonzo, Arvin B.lnstructor I
36Banguibang, Vida N.Assistant Professor Ill
37Cabanada, Catherine A.lnstructor I
38Cardona, Julia T.Assistant Professor IV
39Catabay, Marites Q.Assistant Professor I
40Cumagun, Joseph H.lnstructor III
41Delelis, Mary Grace T.Assistant Professor I
42Domingo, Reymond I.lnstructor I
43Dulin, Giehlito C.lntructor III
44Fernandez, Ma. Eleanor T.lnstructor I
45Galario, Jeny M.lnstructor Ill
46Gannaban, Ma. Victoria C.Assistant Professor IV
47Gonzaga, Jeremiah S.lnstructor I
48Hizon, Catherine F.Assistant Professor II
49Lagundi, Rayma Fe N.Instructor II
50Mangoma, Victor P.lnstructor II
51Melad, Ariel F.lnstructor I
52Narag, Abigail M.lnstructor I
53Narag, Pablo F.Associate Professor I
54Onate, Beatriz B.Professor I
55Paras, Anthony D.Assistant Professor I
56Ringor, Arnel P.lnstructor I
57Romero, Rhodora B.lnstructor III
58Siplac, Grace L.lntructor Ill
59Soriano, Norma Mlnstructor Ill
60Taguinod, Josefa Antonia A.lnstructor III
61Tan Jr., Manuel S.Associate Professor IV
62Urbina, Heud Marrion B.lnstructor I
63Zambale, Anthony Ceasar F.lnstructor I
64Caurel, Christopher V.lnstructor I
65Mora, Melvin M.lnstructor I
66Addun, Cornelio A.lnstructor I
67Gammad, Maria Fatima G.Instructor I
68Lasam, Marian Grace B.Instructor I
69Tanguilan, Valiant Dave L.Instructor I
70Abuan, Lianne T.Assistant Professor IV
71Aragones, Cristy P.lnstructor I
72Arellano, Lina A.lnstructor I
73Bangayan, Leinard M.lnstructor I
74Bautista, Irene D.Instructor I
75Cacatian, Reynard II P.lnstructor I
76Camarauan, Maricris T.lnstructor I
77Cambri, Hazel Mae Q.lnstructor I
78Taguinod, Paz C.Assistant Professor Ill
79Cruz, Marilyn A.lnstructor Ill
80Daquioag, Malen B.Assistant Professor II
81Del Rosario, Prince Jose C.lnstructor Ill
82Delos Santos, Arminda T.lnstructor I
83Egipto, Lerma B.Instructor II
84Guevara, Agnes B.lnstructor I
85Jallorina, Gretchen A.lnstructor Ill
86Lacambra, Krestina R.lnstructor I
87Licupa, Ever Lloyd A.lnstructor I
88Lorica, Jona Lee G.lnstructor I
89Luyun, Lourdes Judy B.Associate Professor I
90Macababbad, Randolph B.lnstructor I
91Martin, Joy Ann P.lnstructor I
92Narag, Edlyn R.lnstructor Ill
93Paracad, Peachy Ann P.lnstructor I
94Pascual, Shelley T.lnstructor I
95Quendangan, Efren B.lnstructor I
96Quilang, Remedios P.Associate Professor I
97Quintas, Mitszigrid S.Instructor II
98Quintas, Victor L.lnstructor I
99Rodriguez, Emmalyn B.lnstructor I
100Sibbaluca, Edmer R.lnstructor I
101Soriano, Cristina S.lnstructor I
102Soriano, Mark Anthony A.lnstructor I
103Suyu, Milagros C.Assistant Professor Ill
104Tagumasi, RomeI L.Assistant Professor Ill
105Tattao, Annie T.lnstructor Ill
106Teñoso, Isidro C.lnstructor I
107Tristeza, Vanessa Kristel R.lnstructor Ill
108Tuliao, Angela B.lnstructor I
109Tungcul, Migñonette B.lnstructor III
110Vergara, Cecile C.lnstructor I
111Melad, Belinda B.Instructor I
112Lappay, Mary Rosario C.Assistant Professor I
113Baccay, Mamerta B.Instructor I
114Agsawa, Remedios R.Professor V
115Aguirre, Recto A.Instructor II
116Amanonce, Jay-Cen T.lnstructor I
117Andres, Apolinaria D.Assistant Professor IV
118Aquino, Irene P.lnstructor I
119Azurin, Wilma P.Assistant Professor IV
120Bautista, Ronalda A.lnstructor I
121Belango, Manuel A.Assistant Professor IV
122Calanoga, Marie Claudette M.Associate Professor I
123Calonia, Loida C.Professor I
124Calubaquib, Jhoanna B.Associate Professor V
125Canay, Panfilo C.Professor II
126Carag, Catalina G.Associate Professor V
127Caranguian, Catherine B.Associate Professor Ill
128Caronan, Alvin M.lnstructor I
129Castillo, Maricar D.lnstructor I
130Castillo, Marissa P.lnstructor I
131Catli, Rose Mariedel C.Assistant Professor IV
132Cipriano, Nelson P.lnstructor I
133Clemente, Beatriz G.Associate Professor Ill
134Clemente, Romeo C.Professor I
135Escobar, Krizzette Joy C.Instructor II
136Ferrer, Celiaflor R.Associate Professor IV
137lbuña, Protacio M.Professor I
138lbuña, Caridad C.Professor II
139Julian, Ma. Cynthia B.Associate Professor II
140Lacuesta, Cindy M.lnstructor I
141Lavarias, Gladys M.lnstructor I
142Lingan, Luareana M.Associate Professor V
143Malamug, Chelito A.Associate Professor V
144Malana, Maribel F.Assistant Professor II
145Manera, Alma B.Assistant Professor II
146Maramag, Ariel M.lnstructor I
147Matammu, Corazon M.lnstructor I
148Medina, Michelle A.Associate Professor II
149Mina, Gay Maribel Lynda M.Assistant Professor II
150Natividad, Ma. Cristina B.Associate Professor II
151Pagulayan, Oscar P.Associate Professor I
152Pamittan, Shirley T.Associate Professor I
153Saquing, Jasmin B.lnstructor I
154Suyu, Pedro P.Assistant Professor IV
155Talattad, Roel L.Associate Professor IV
156Tamayao, Antonio l.Professor II
157Tamayo, Ria A.lnstructor I
158Tattao, Loraine S.Professor I
159Temporal, Conchita M.Associate Professor Ill
160Tulauan, Christopher T.Assistant Professor II
161Vecaldo, Rudolf T.Assistant Professor IV
162Balauag, Jederich F.lnstructor II
163Frutas, Magda L.Instructor I
Colleges College Dean - Name
Graduate School Dr. Julius T. Capili
College of Allied Health and Sciences Prof. Dorina D. Sabatin
College of Business, Entrepreneurship and Accountancy Prof. Antonia Josefa A. Taguinod, MBM
College of Hospitality Management Dr. Lianne T. Abuan
College of Teacher Education Dr. Marie Claudette M. Calanoga
College of Law Atty. Norman Clarence T. Lasam

Undergraduate Program

Courses Type Level
(Accreditation Status)
Andrews Campus
Bachelor of Laws Post Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science (New) Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (Old) Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Public Health Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Accountancy Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology (Old) Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Accounting Information System (New) Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science Business Administration Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in: Financial Management Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in: Marketing Management Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Legal Management Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (New) Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Industry Management (Old) Baccalaureate
Bachelor in Early Childhood Education (New) Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Elementary Education Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Secondary Education Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Technical-Vocational Teacher Education (New) Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education (New) Baccalaureate
Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education (Old) Baccalaureate

Graduate Program

Courses Type Level
(Accreditation Status)
Doctor of Philosophy in Education majors in
Educational Management, Science Education and English Language Education
Master in Public Health Master's
Master of Arts in Education Master's
Master in Business Administration Master's
Master of Arts in Guidance and Counseling Master's

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